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Volume 8, Issue 1 -- 2006-01-07

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May 21, 2007 -- Gas prices in Bayfield, Colorado were making a showing of $3.55.9 for regular and increasing another 10 cents for the premium and plus to $3.75.9. Diesel is the lowest price at the pump here in southwest Colorado with $3.10.9.
 ~NW Okie regarding Okie's story from Vol. 9 Iss. 20 titled UNTITLED

Yes I remember Dr Youngs Clinic. He was my father's and step mother's doctor. They both died of heart attacks in the hospital that was a part of the Clinic. I believe that he had a clinic at Freedom, Ok. also.
 ~Marthesia (Marty) Myers regarding Okie's story from Vol. 9 Iss. 4 titled UNTITLED

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Duchess Corner

Our little Sadie got spayed about 10 days ago. She seems to be doing great and has even forgotten about her surgery. We were suppose to keep her interactive for 7-10 days. The same day of the surgery Sadie slept the rest of the day. BUT... next day she was back to her energetic self. The only way we could keep her semi-inactive was to lay down and take a nap with her. So.... we both got a rest during those 7-10 days.

We have lots of items in our mailbag to share with you all this week. Such as... information on the Bickel Bus line of Alva; the Anthony Wholesale Grocery of Anthony, Kansas; old Alva photos taken during the 1920s that Mike Rosebery bought on ebay and put on his "Flickr" website; we found another person who has sergraphic print #391 of 550 prints of JFK (John F. Kennedy), dated 1961, signed by R. V. Goetz. Our dad (Gene McGill) had print #1 of 550.

Thanks to you all who shared your memories of the Bickel Bus line and King Parrot brand goods from the Anthony Wholesale Grocery. We knew we could jog a few memories out there.

Hey! Did someone say we are in our Winter cycle? Where is it? Seems like Fall around here in the Valley of SW Colorado -- dry conditions, also.

Have you been keeping an eye on the fires ravaging the dry plains and cities of Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas? Sounds like they could use some of that rain, moisture that is on the west coast.

We did drop to $2.339 for unleaded gas prices in Bayfield, Colorado. BUT... that didn't last long. NOW... it is back up to $2.449 since yesterday afternoon when I filled up my auto.

Hope this week's newsletter finds you all soaring into 2006 in great shape! AND... hope that some of you MAC users get this weeks copy of The OkieLegacy. We understand some could not bring up anything when they click on the site. Some of you did not even receive last week's newsletter.

Keep those histories of the past coming this way. We could not do it without your legacies and photos of your pioneers and past. View/Write Comments (count 1)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Bickel Family of NW Oklahoma Territory...

With the talk of Anthony Wholesale Grocery & Bickel Bus Line, this writer took her research to the "Pioneers Footprints Across Woods County" - pgs. 66-67, to an article written by Marguerite May Bickel Hobbs.

We start with H. M. Bickel, Judge in Alva. Judge Bickel was born in Newark, Ohio, May 19, 1845, died December 19, 1905, Alva, Oklahoma. H. M. Bickel married Elizabeth Jane Johnson, in Iowa City, in 1869. Elizabeth was born in Burlington, Iowa, February 12, 1846. Elizabeth was English, calimed a noble, Lord Salisbury. It seems he ran off to America with family treasures he could salvage, such as fine china and cut glass.

After H.M. and Elizabeth were married, they left Iowa for Kansas (McPherson) in 1883. Later they moved to Bethany, Missouri where their first child (Francis Harold) was born in a wagon on the road to Bethany, MO. It seems that Francis fell out in the way of the wagon wheel and was killed -- buried on the plains.

Elizabeth and H.M. taught school in Bethany, Missouri where their second son (Travis Waldo) was born.

H.M. and Elizabeth children were: Francis Harold, Travis Waldo, Milt (bank cashier, lawyer, state senator, and died at height of career of flu epidemic in Alva), Guy, Eva (died of whooping cough, pneumonia), and Pearl.

H. M. Bickel made trips to Salina and Hlastead, Kansas for supplies -- taking 2 to 3 days at a time.Meanwhile Elizabeth braved dangers of pioneer days with an old musket and dog named Carlo.

H.M. & Elizabeth and their family lived for 1-1/2 years in Bethany, Missouri when H. M. was appointed Receiver of US Public Land Office in 1885 uncer President Cleveland. In the Spring of 1886 they moved to Larned, Kansas.

The Bickel family made the Run of 1893 when Cherokee Strip opened -- locating on East side of square in Alva. H. M. was the US Land Commissioner, Alva before statehood. he owned the land in the center of Alva (2-block area where the courthouse and city hall are today. Bickel donated the 2-blocks in the center of Alva for the courthouse and city hall.) besides land east of square, 1-block on Barnes Avenue, northeast corner.

Bickel's home there was made of wood and was brought from home in McPherson. It was torn down and moved to Alva in the late 1890's.

H. M. made the Run of 1893, but his family followed in a wagon and joined J. M. in Alva after the 1893 Run.

Travis Waldo Bickel put into operation, maintained the first telephone system in Alva (consisting of 7 phones owned by George W. Crowell, PC Emberson, Business & Home, George Harbaugh and S. B. Share).

The Bickel building, eastside of square housed the first Linotype machine that was brought to Alva by H. M. Bickel and his son, Milt. They did custom linotype composition for 6 Alva newspapers. Allen Doughty ran the linotype machine -- for 6 years he set practically every line of type for Alva Review, Alva courier, Alva Pioneer (the leading newspapers).

The Alva Pioneer was established, 1893 by W. E. Hatfield -- he distributed papers before settlers had time to pitch their tents or start digging their dugouts.

Travis Bickel was a manufacturist and machinist in early days. In 1906 he owned, operated the first bicycle shop, repaired sewing machines, guns. Later he opened a machine shop and auto repair & welding shop. Travis was a member of first fire department. He was also vice president of the school board for eight years. Travis died in 1944 at the age of 77 years.

In 1938 Travis ran for governor of Oklahoma on the Democratic ticket. His main platform plans were pensions for the elderly and crippled children and homestead exemption.

Travis Bickel was an inventor, but never followed through to get his invention patented - such as his electric automatic curtain control for theaters; thermometer for hatcheries.

Travis married Eva May McNeely May 19, 1897, May 19, 1897, woods County, O.T. Eva died at age of 80 years, in 1957 and is buried in the family plot in the Alva Cemetery. She was a hard working pioneer woman -- always reading -- willing to give helping hand to those who needed it.

Travis and Eva's children were: Violet Ruth (died Aug. 11, 1932), Raymond Custer (died Oct. 29, 1972) and Marguerite May.

In the article in the "Pioneer Footprints" book, Marguerite May remembered the Hennesee's Department store on the west side of the square. She mentioned that you had to walk up steps to a high boardwalk that was covered to protect you from dirty, muddy streets or horse and buggies. She remembered the white horse that pulled the fire wagon. She also remembered the milk man and grocery boy with their wagons and horses -- and the ice wagons where you could get a piece of ice. Plus... she remembered the good times in the park in the center of town with the big trees, band concerts that were held every week. Which... H. M. Bickel had a big part in establishing.

Those days are gone now and Alva is NOT the Alva of those earlier pioneer days where neighbors helped neighbors unconditionally. View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Anthony Wholesale Grocery - Kansas...

"Linda, your listserve is a wonderful service! You have helped our nonprofit immeasurably in the short time we have known about you! Thank you!

AND NOW... another request for your readers. We are in a precarious situation where we must prove some way that there were PEOPLE involved in the transportation to and from the Anthony Wholesale Grocery Co. in Anthony, KS with branches in Fairview and Alva.

Does anyone know of any family oral history stories that there were ever passenger cars in the line up of box cars that hauled King Parrot brand goods to these locations? We must find a way to make 'people'" connections to surface transportation in order to qualify for the grant we are seeking for restoration.

Also, does anyone recall a bus line that may have operated through Anthony to points in Oklahoma? In my faint memory, I recall there was a Bickel Bus Line somewhere in South Central Kansas or Oklahoma. Is there any chance this bus line might have departed from the Anthony Wholesale Grocery?

" Rosalea Hostetler - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Alva Photos....

"I just posted a few photos to Mike Rosebery Flickr account that I believe were taken in or near Alva in the 1920s. The negatives were processed at Ellis Studio in the Monfort building. The name on the account is Dr. Juchli. They're pretty swell photos (so stylish!). Does anything look familiar to you?

I'd love for you to post the link on your digest. I bought the negatives a year or so ago on an eBay auction. I had shown a few to my cousin, Rod Murrow, but he didn't recognize any landmarks at the time. I've done a very limited internet search for Dr. Juchli, but no luck so far. There could easily be a misspelling on the envelope, though. Whoever was taking the photos was very good and must have had a pretty good camera. Anyway, thanks for your help.

I really enjoy your weekly posts. My family has a vacation cabin just outside of Del Norte (Colorado), so it's always nice to see the weather reports, etc. from the area." -- Mike Rosebery - Email: View/Write Comments (count 1)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Carl Coale - Dacoma, OK...

"My uncle is Carl Coale in this link Dacoma Elementary school picture. He was shot down in WWII over Belgium, was a pilot, survived the crash but discovered and shot by the S.S.
An enlisted man with him called my dad and let him know. We thought for the longest time that he had died in the crash, but the German Army was shooting officer pilots because if they escaped they would fly again." -- Rich Coale - Email: View/Write Comments (count 3)   |   Receive updates (1 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Ronald Lee Barnett , Sr...

"I'm The Son of Ronald Lee Barnett, Sr. My family Creek Indian's are from Oklahoma. The (Barnett,Barnard) are one family and they lived in Oklahoma from 1800-now & more. To see more of my family go to (Roots Our familytree is there to see. my side of the familytree is Ronald Lee Barnett, jr., Ronald Lee Barnett sr., Hubert Howard Barnett, Jimmy Barnett, David sy Barnett, Siah Barnett, Thomas Barnett, William Barnett, Timothy Barnard, John Barnard, sir John Barnard. This is my family. If you would like to write me, you can at - Email:" -- Ronald L. Barnett Jr. View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Alva Fire Department Roster...

"I noticed the Alva Fire Department Roster had an error. My father Virgil R. McDaniel joined the force in 1937 but his last name was misspelled for several years but was later spelled correctly. Can the errors be corrected?
      In looking at the roster, I may be asking the wrong person to correct it. The site was Alva Fire Department website. In Google I typed in 'Alva fire department roster' and went to '1937'. What a great thing for Alva to do. Their fire department web site was fun to look at. Thanks." -- Stanley A. McDaniel - Email: View/Write Comments (count 1)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

HURT's in Severy, Kansas...

"I live in Severy, Ks. I know very little about my family history." -- Shawn Hurt - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Kennedy Painting - #391...

"I found a painting of JFK (John F. Kennedy), dated 1961, signed by R. V. Goetz, number 391 of 550. I am trying to find out any information and value on this painting. Please contact me. Thank you for your time." -- Lara Davis - Email:

[Editor'so Note: Another owner of the 1961 JFK Serigraphic oil paintings numbered prints is found. My Dad (Gene McGill)ended up with the #1 serigraphic print by R.V. Goetz. This is what I know of the JFK Serigraphic Print... 1961, Serigraphic Oil Painting (the Oil Painting, signed by R. V. Goetz). These serigraphic, canvas prints of President John F. Kennedy are a limited edition No. 1 thru 550 prints that were made by the Stan Ramsey Co., Inc., Serigraphers, 2727 N. Oklahoma, OKC, OK. This is all that I know about this serigraphic print of JFK.] View/Write Comments (count 7)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Oklahoma Burning...

"There have been no problems in our Perry area yet (north-central Oklahoma). BUT... there have been 20 wildfires in the state today (Sunday, New Years day) because of the very strong winds and the mid-70's temperatures combined with the extremely dry conditions. At 7:30 P.M. there were still 12 active fires and several homes have burned to the ground in Prague, Duncan, Oklahoma City, etc.. Before the ones today, there had been 150 to 200 homes lost in our state since Nov. 1st. and fire crews from Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida have rushed to our aid. 14 states have promised to help. There's also concern for the loss of hay and other crops to feed the livestock in the coming months. They're predicting that we'll have a bit of a reprieve from the high winds and high temperatures tomorrow, but there will be a return on Tuesday (a 76 degree temp. is predicted along with stronger winds again). We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime... here's what Glenda had to tell me a few hours ago: 'It has been quite a day, the wind was been so strong, first it either blew some lines together or had a transformer blow. Our electricity went off and we heard a loud bang. I just went ahead and shut off the computers and TV. Then Cliv went outside and came in to tell me I'd lost three panels of siding off the north side of the house. Arkla had their service people out with the fire, checking to make sure it was ok to let people back into the area. We had a real bad fire going on the west side of Duncan, I think it started as a grass fire but it damaged a number of homes. They had asked people to move out of the area, but it was to the west of us. They also had a bad fire going between Duncan and Lawton, and had to close highway 7 for a while as well as 81. Then we heard that Nacona was also having a bad fire and 81 had been closed there too. We saw that OKC had their problem fires too.'" -- Roy In Perry, OK View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Strickland/Horner Airport & Flying School...

"There is a man living in Alva, Bob Reneau who has a jewelery business in Alva, has told me of his association with this airport. Next time you are in Alva look him up. He once had a business on the SW corner of the square. Now he is located elsewhere in Alva. He is a great friend of NWOSU and their Foundation." -- Jim View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Nov. 4, 1915 - Woods County Courthouse...

"Linda, Found this old postcard, it was sent to my Grandmother before she was married it is dated on the back Nov. 4, 1915, Alva, Oklahoma, she was born in 1899, so she would have been 16 years old. My grandmothers name was Laura Magdalena (BUTLER) Reed. The card was sent by her best friend Hazel Shafer,(I think she just passed away very recently) She told my grandmother that she had had a date, and they even went in a car. I think this is the West side of the old courthouse, but I am not 100% sure. However with the chimney that is to the far right side of the picture, I feel was on the South side of the building. As you can see this old postcard is a little bit tattered on the edges." -- Francis - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Researching William Densmore BRADLEY...

"Hi Oakie, I'm hoping you can help me. I'm doing genealogy on my family and I'm wanting information on William Densmore BRADLEY [born: December 26, 1856 in Knox County, Illinois] and family. William married Eva May FOWLER [born: November 11, 1854 in Amboy, Lee County, Illinois] on May 29, 1881 in Lamoni, Iowa and had the following children:
Corydon Clyde born: April 7, 1883 died: bef. 1885
Lula M. born: February 1888
Hazel E. born: February 1890
Grace A. born: November 1894

All children born in Decatur County, Iowa. They moved to Woods County, Oklahoma by 1910. I haven't been able to find any of them after that. Who did the girls marry? If I could find that out maybe I could find the girls. Did the parents die in Woods County, Oklahoma. Is there a person I can contact on the cemetery books for that county. Woods County web site doesn't have to much information on it. Any help would be appreciated. If you can help me with this I would be very greatful." -- Kathy Eaton - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Vol. 7, Iss. 52 Error...

"Couldn't open Vol. 7, Issue 52 - got an error message. Anyone else with the same problem? I tried it again and it says it can't find the server, so it's apparently a glitch in my Mac. But thanks for checking - hope I can read the next one as I look forward to every issue! " -- Barbara View/Write Comments (count 1)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

3 Sisters From Avard - Early 1900's...

"Woods County, OK, Message Board Post: I am looking for the families of three sisters apparently from Avard, early to mid 1900's. Amina Rainsburg (this is her married name) Cora Ferguson and Maggie Morris. I have no idea whether the last two are listed with their married names or maiden names. Amina married David Andrew Rainsburg around 1907, he was the Guthrie, OK station agent for the Rock Island Railroad, and Amina moved to Guthrie with David. They built the house that we now live in, and lived here til 1918. David died 1940, Amina died in 1945- they had no children, and she left her estate to Maggie and Cora. At the time, both sisters were apparently still residents of Avard. What I am looking for are descendents of Cora and Maggie with hopes of finding more information and possibly pictures of David, Amina and/or early pictures of our house. I would appreciate any info- thanks in advance." View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Kemper Military Grad of 1944...

"Those were great times. None better considering the four years of WWII that followed for so many Kemper grads." -- Jay H. Jeppson '44 - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Anthony Wholesale Grocery, Bickel Bus Line & Old Memories...

"I can't answer any questions in regard to any passenger service connected with the Anthony Wholesale Grocery company, but I certainly remember their products and the 'parrot' label. It seems to me that one of the stores that carried some of their products was the old East Side Grocery (previously known as Eutsler's Grocery before my time) across the street from the city hall.

I also remember their warehouse down (I think) on Santa Fe Street near the area of the Co-op elevator.

I always thought the Bickel Bus Line was headquartered in Alva. The family lived about on the corner of Third or Fourth Street and Locust. There was usually a large, older-model bus parked in the yard there.

In my senior year at Northwestern in Alva (1960-61), my wife had graduated the previous spring and was teaching at Hudson, Kansas, about halfway between Pratt and Great Bend, Kansas and five miles east of US281. We had just one vehicle and on the weeks when she had the car, I would ride the Bickel Bus Line to St. John, Kansas, where she would pick me up.

By that time the bus line was in demise and they were using a Volkswagen van. On most trips I was the only passenger, so I sat in the front seat with the driver. I became acquainted with the two drivers on the route. Both were quite talkative and one was close to seventy while the other was probably around forty. Both were characters.

The older gentlemen talked endlessly of 'get-rich-quick' schemes, and just couldn't get over the fact that someone had made millions just by inventing and marketing something as simple as the 'hula hoop.'

The other always placed a large, loaded pistol in my lap. It was chambered for the then-new .22 jet cartridge. Seems this guy was always seeing coyotes on the route and his ambition was to shoot one. He instructed me on the use of the weapon and said that if we saw a coyote he would stop the bus and I would shoot the beast. Once he claimed to see one, stopped the bus, began shouting and pointing wildly across the landscape, and telling me to 'Shoot, SHOOT!' I never saw anything and he couldn't believe it.

It is quite likely that Anthony, KS was once on the Bickel route, but at that time they made a run several times a week to Russel and Ft. Hays and back to Alva. The routes had down-sized considerably from previous years, and I don't think the line operated too long after I graduated from college. It's Alva terminal point at that time was the Bell Sweet Shop at the old Bell Hotel on the square. I think the route was once bigger and it had several destinations in south-central Kansas.

I don't know if this helps or not, but you sure woke up an old memory for me." -- JIM View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Alva Busline...

"I recall the bus line but can't remember the name of it for sure. I will have to do some research on the Anthony Gro." -- Marty View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Lost Email To OkieLegacy Last Issue of 2005...

"Dear Linda, I seem to lost the e-mail of your last December issue. Would you please check and see what happened?" -- Ila View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

HUGES Family Roots - Kenton, OK...

"I have roots to Kenton, OK, as my mother, Alene Hughes was born in Kenton, along with other members of her family. Her father was Tom Hughes." -- carla holder - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Bickel Bus Line & King Parrot Brand Goods...

"My name is Neva Jean Wilson Schwerdtfeger, I can not recall the Anthony Wholesale Grocery Co in Anthony, Kansas, but I do recall the Bickel Bus Line. In the fall of 1946, I began my teaching career in Mullinville, Kansas. there was no public transportation from Alva to Mullinville, but I could get a bus from Mullinville to Pratt, Ks and get the bus that came into Pratt from the east and on to Alva. I do not recall many passengers but there was always stuff in the back of the bus. The bus line was owned by the Bickel family, who lived in Alva on 7th street at that time. They had one daughter about my age, who has been deceased at least 15--20 years now.

I did not know any of the other members of the family. I was 80 years old August 10th, this years... so the memory is not A+. I was born and raised on a farm 7-1/2 miles southeast of Alva... and I do remember the King Parrot Brand Goods." -- Jean Schwerdtfeger - Email: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

King Parrot Brand, etc...

"This Link will take you to a page in which is shown there exists a spice tin, apparently branded King Parrot, with Anthony and those other Oklahoma towns mentioned on it. Perhaps you can contact the web site owner for more information. This is in response to Linda Wagner's query regarding the matter. My parents were living in Grant Co., Ok when I was born, but I was born in Anthony, KS. We had ancestors in the Woods Co., OK area. I only visited Anthony a couple of times in my adult life." -- Charlie Cook in Louisiana Bayou Country View/Write Comments (count 1)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Renfrow, OK To Harper, KS To OKC...

I am Lawanda McClaflin Watson Hostetler Allison. I was born on a farm near Renfrow, OK. on the Jog line May 17, 1925. Had my big 80th birthday this past year. My first 30 years of marriage was to Ralph Watson who died in Aug. 1973. We had three boys and one girl. While in Harper I was on the board with Rosalea and she really has worked hard to restore some of the old buildings in Harper and Anthony. She tells me your paper is really interesting about people in Northern Okla so I know I will enjoy reading it." -- Lawanda View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Prairie Connection Request Below...

"Linda, I hate to burden any one, but I am in dire need of a volunteer in Alva (Oklahoma) for a small task. We have been given permission to place our Prairie Connection newsrack in front of Wal-Mart. We need it moved from Ampride, the short distance to Wal-Mart. The catch is, it is very heavy and takes two strong guys with a pickup. And it has to be tied down or laid down so the glass does not break as it would be very hard to replace it. All permission has been give from Wal-Mart so they don't have to do anything but take it over there and set it next to the other newsracks. If I have to hire a temp worker out of Wichita, it will cost us at least $100, and being on a limited budget, I'd sure like to find a couple of volunteers!

All they need to do is Let me know via email when they are going to move it. I would be so grateful if someone could help with this. I promise not to ask them to do any further volunteer work since that is a 'dread disease!' Thank you!" -- Rosalea Hostetler View/Write Comments (count 2)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe


"I am helping Dr. Fred Tarpley, a dear friend from my OLD Korean days, with genealogical research into the life of Eusibia Lutz and her extended family. She was a very interesting person. I'll keep you posted on my research. Fred is also working on another book about the love letters to and from Eusibia." -- Talkington

[From THE UNIVERSITY NEWS, Texas A&M-Commerce, January 6, 2006]


Friends and former students, still inspired by memories of a legendary French teacher at Texas A&M University-Commerce, are preparing to publish her epic historical novel, "Stranger in Babylon."

Eusibia Lutz instilled enthusiasm for the French language and culture in her students from 1934 until her retirement in 1972. At her death in 1988, she was negotiating with a literary agent to publish the novel she had researched during trips to France and throughout her teaching career.

From Fort Worth to Texarkana, from Paris to Tyler, and in other areas throughout the Southwest, many high school and college French students are the legacy of Lutz, who prepared teachers for careers teaching languages.

Her novel, "Stranger in Babylon," is a work of historical fiction about a young woman caught up in the intrigue of the French court during the 16th century. Denise, the fictional heroine, seeks the identity of her unknown half-brother. She has been told his name is Henry and that he is a nobleman, but there are three Henrys who qualify: Henry Valois (later King Henry III), Henry of Navarre (later King Henry IV), and Henry Guise.

Dr. Fred Tarpley, Professor Emeritus of Literature and Languages and a former student and colleague of Lutz, has organized a group known as Friends of Mam'selle with the goal of getting the manuscript, which has lain dormant for two decades, published.

The group is accepting pre-publication subscriptions for the novel. For a $50 subscription, subscribers will receive two copies of the novel, have eight names listed on the dedication pages, and receive one of the fleur de lys pins that Lutz had collected in her world travels.

Known to her students as Mam'selle, Lutz completed her B.A. and M.A. in French at Southern Methodist University before assuming teaching duties in Commerce.

She is often remembered for her black and white wardrobe, which she started as a student fad at SMU and continued at the insistence of her students in Commerce.

At a time when Henry Ford was telling Americans that they could own a car in any color they desired so long as it was black, Lutz placed a special order to Chrysler for a white coupe, christened with a bottle of cream as Moby Dick by members of the French Club.

"Eventually, Miss Lutz broke out in Technicolor during the 1960s, but she continued to prefer black and white decor in her white brick home," Tarpley said.

Lutz's passion for world travel and chasing "historical and literary ghosts" wherever she went, influenced many of her students, who traveled with her and who still tour the world today.

In the early years of her teaching, she spent summers in France studying at the Sorbonne or the Alliance Francaise.

In the summer of 1939, she escaped World War II by boarding one of the last passenger ships leaving France just before German occupation. "President Sam Whitley of East Texas State Teachers College received several frantic cables during the days Lutz was trying to make her exit from France," Tarpley said.

Other members of the Friends of Mam'selle are Dr. William Carroll Adams, Professor Emeritus of Economics at A&M-Commerce; Dr. Genevieve Hogue Brown, dean of education at Sam Houston State University; Dr. Ralph L. Brown, professor of education at Jarvis Christian College; Patti Russ Gregg of Commerce; and Dr. Jane Armstrong Harper, division chair at Tarrant County College Northeast Campus.

Also Susan Binford Patton, Commerce school librarian; Dr. and Mrs. Otha Spencer, Professor Emeritus of Journalism and former teacher at A&M-Commerce; and Dr. William E. Tanner, English professor at Texas Woman's University.

Subscribers should make checks payable by Wednesday, Feb. 1, to Season of Harvest Publications and mail them to Dr. Fred Tarpley, 4540 FM 1568, Campbell, TX 75422. Additional information about the forthcoming book is available from Tarpley at 903-886-6498.

BELOVED FRENCH TEACHER -- Eusibia Lutz taught French at Texas A&M University-Commerce from 1934 until her retirement in 1972. At her death in 1988, she was negotiating with a literary agent to publish her novel, "Stranger in Babylon." Dr. Fred Tarpley, Professor Emeritus of Literature and Languages and a former student and colleague of Lutz, has organized a group known as Friends of Mam'selle with the goal of getting the manuscript published. The group is accepting pre-publication subscriptions for the novel. (A&M-Commerce file photo) View/Write Comments (count 2)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

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"I've enjoyed your website so much. Can you tell me how I could get a copy of Anne Rose Eden's memoirs? Thanks so much! I'm the granddaughter of Luther and Bertha French, daughter of Wilma and George Probst -- cousin to Donita French Luddington, Dean Wilson, Tana Nixon, etc. Perhaps you know them? All best." -- Helen Sheehy - Please visit: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe


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