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Volume 12, Issue 6 -- 2010-02-08

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Having been a grade school student at Horace Mann Elementary on the college campus, I can remember the area before the dorm was built [more]...
 ~Terry Smith regarding Okie's story from Vol. 8 Iss. 2 titled UNTITLED

I graduated in 1960, and I had Miss Duke for Senior English [more]...
 ~Gary D. Tanner regarding Okie's story from Vol. 9 Iss. 11 titled UNTITLED

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Duchess' Snowy Domain

Have you ever seen a snowflake up close? My son, Robert, took a great photo closeup of a few snowflakes that landed on a wheelbarrow at Vallecito, north of Bayfield, Colorado this last Saturday, February 6, 2010.

Lots of SW Colorado citizens have been busy shoveling snow off of their roofs this past week. As you can see in the picture on the left.

Did you notice how the shoveled snow from the roof has been piled up on the ground -- almost reached the edge of the roof by a knee height. There are lots of homes looking a lot like that up here after long shoveling rakes have done their daily, weekly jobs.

Early Sunday morning we awoke to 5 inches of new snow and had another inch during the morning hours by 10:00a.m. We also had another couple of inches Sunday evening.

As to Superbowl Sunday this week and the Saints Victory last night ? Way to go Saints!

The Saints have long been associated with losing, disappointing their fans, BUT ? this Superbowl Sunday was a different and welcome outcome as the Saints defeated Peyton Manning and the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV -- Giving New Orleans a reason to cheer with a Victory of 31 to 17. Great News for New Orleans and the Saints! Go Saints!

Some of our readers and facebook friends from Oklahoma have told us to keep that snow here. I will try, BUT ? some of that snow might slip through my lasso!
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Song Sheet - Alumni Banquet 1949

If you or one of your ancestors was attending the Northwestern State Teachers College Alumni Banquet in 1949, you might have sung these school songs at the Alumni Banquet held in 1949.

Besides the Alma Mater and Ranger Fight Song, other songs on the sheet include "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," "Camptown Races," "Wild Irish Rose," "In the Evening By the Moonlight," "Down By the Station," "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling," "Cruising Down the River."

Here are the Northwestern school songs:

Northwestern Alma Mater
Oh, Northwestern Alma Mater,
In our hearts you will remain,
To keep your honor and your glory,
Our devotion we proclaim.
In days to come, and years begun
Thoughout the land, we'll praise your name.
For all your noon and glory,
And your great undying fame,
We hail our Alma Mater.

Ride, Rangers, Ride
Ride, Ride, Ride, Rangers Ride,
And we will win this game tonight.
Fight, Fight, fight, Rangers, Fight,
And everything will be all right!
Score, Score, Score, Rangers Score
And we will win just like before.
More, More, More, Rangers More,
You gotta ride and fight some more!
Ride, Ride! Ride! Ride, Ride!
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1949 NSN Alumni Banquet (1900-48)

1949 Alumni Banquet List (1900-48) -- [9.6mb pdf file] This one is for all those family genealogists out there searching for names, places of their ancestors.

We are hoping that we can help someone make another connection and locate the whereabouts of their ancestors who might have attended Northwestern State Normal school between the years 1900 thru 1948. You can right click on the above URL of a PDF file of the listing of the "Alumni Banquet of 1949" and "Save As" to your computer ? OR ? left click and view with Adobe Acrobat or your browser.

Here are some of the names you might encounter on the second page showing Northwestern Alumni Class of 1900 thru 1903:

* NSN Alumni Class of 1900
Jesse Langley, (deceased)
Fanny Morris McGuire, 832 Merchant Street, Emporia, KS
Edith Rudolph Hillman, Eugene, OR
Maud Green Princehouse, 175 E. 12th, Claremont, CA
Barbara Karr ross, De Ridder, LA
A. G. Vinson, (deceased)
C. Fred Long, Anchorage, AK

* NSN Class of 1901
Mary Belle Smith, (deceased)
William R. Frazier, Federal Reserve Bank, NY
Bert Langley, 1482 Sha. Sta, San Jose, CA
Manie Musselman, Dade city, FL
Thomas Dudley Nash, (deceased)
Agnes Melborn Devin Potter, (deceased)
Lois Purcell, Midas, Nevada (deceased)
Roy Rudoph, 1476 East 13th St. S., Salt Lake City, UT
Laura Williams, 1567 Mardista, Pasadena, CA

* NSN Class of 1902
Garnett Kendal Baird, Excelsior Springs, MO
Maud Linton Chambers, 1912 Carter St., Stillwater, OK
Frank Green (deceased)
George L. Hicks, Cotton Exchange Building, Houston, TX
Allison Armstrong Kranes, 1018 Quincy, Bakersfield, CA
Thomas J. Miller, (deceased)
Ed. L. Reed, Detroit, Michigan (deceased)
Ayres K. Ross, 109 W. 8th Street, Austin, TX
Clarence Salter, (deceased)
Estella Sherrill, 1701 10th, Woodward, OK
Edna B. Smith, 27 Elk Street, Springfiled, NY
Nellie M. Smith, 119 S. Green Street, Wichita, KS
Lacy D. Heater, 1001 SW Morrison, Portland, OR
Jessie Mahaffey, Shelly, Orchardist, Campbell, CA
Jospeh B. Monical, (deceased)
Dalton Riggs, 4431 33rd N. Racine Ave, Chicago, IL

* NSN Class of 1903
Ethel P. Allison, 601 N. 11th St., Joseph, MO
Robert Austin, 414-18 Stock Exchange, 630 Spring St, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Ed. J. Baird, Excelsior Springs, MO
Adeline E. Bussing, (deceased)
William H. Castleman, (deceased)
Milton Colvin, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
Lorra Garrison Dobson, Hooker, OK
Iragard Greer, (deceased)
Emma Glasgow, Oregon City, OR
Maria Smart Green, (deceased)
Pearl Nourse Greer, Woodward, OK
Olen B. Haines, Duncan, OK
Reuben McKitrick, (deceased)
Anna Brown Moore, 10-S Masors Avenue, Chicago, IL
Beulah Owen Starr, 629 church Street, Alva, OK
Emma Powers Buse, Farry, OK
Ethel M. Reed Erickson, 3814 Fredrick Showood, Milwaukee, WI
Josie D. Renfrew, 717 Culbertson Building, Oklahoma City, OK
Bessie Gray sims (deceased)
Clara Webster, (deceased)
Lute Weld, Inspector U.S. Customs, Seattle, WA
Birdie Vorhies, (deceased)
Alva Bloss, Southwest City, MO

On the next to last page showing Northwestern State Teachers College Class of 1948 there are a few names that were hard to read towards the bottom because of the fading mimeographed copy that we found.

Here are some that I could make out:

William Lindsay Ewalt, Dacoma
Herbert Ewing, Helena
Ray H. Rinah, Castle Rock, CO
Beatrice Culley Ford, Alva
Frances Dean French, Capron
Delmer Merle Furrow, Alva
Earl H. Gerber, Alva
Ila Georgia Gregory, Vici
Nelson L. Neley, ℅ Montgomery Ward, Ft. Worth, TX
Victor _____ Heasley, Alva
Oren Clark Kendricks, Beaver
James Henry Hood, Englewood, KS
Carl Henry Hort, Alva
Ima Ladwig Irwin, Clinton
Marjorie Ellen Johnson, Carmen
Winfred C. Jones, Galva, KS
Robert Carey Kendrick, Alva.
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1935 Letter From Tesla, WV

Recently, I have come across a November 30, 1935 letter from my Grandmother Constance Estella Warwick McGill's GWIN cousin, dated November 30, 1935, Tesla, West Virginia, and mailed to Mrs. Wm. McGill (Constance), in Alva, Oklahoma.

It begins, "Dear Cousin Connie, Guess you will be surprised to receive a letter from one of your W. Va. cousins. I wanted to ask you about your mother.

"Some time ago I had a letter from my son who is located near Charlottsville, Va. We had been visiting some of the folks near Vanderpool, and in some way had heard that Aunt Siggie had died a year ago (1934). I did not understand that the news of her death had come direct from you folks, so thought perhaps it was a mistake.

"I would like to hear from you concerning her. I did not tell my dad what I had heard. Just thought I would wait until I heard from you.

"Mother and dad are getting quite old. Both in eighty. Mother has been in a wheel chair for years, and a month ago dad fell and broke a bone in his leg. He hobbles a little on crutches, but is getting better, think he'll be all right in time.

"My youngest brother (Walton L. Tinney) and his wife are here at home. I am here. Have been a widow for 12 years. I have 6 sons. Two married, one in Virginia and three are here. My baby is nearly 16 and I have twins 18 years old.

"I made my first visit to Virginia last summer a year ago. Only stayed two weeks, would liked to have stayed longer but could not. Would like to hear from you. Hope you and family are well.

Your cousin, Mrs Ethel G. Tinney, Tesla, W.Va."
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Tesla, Braxton Co., WV

Tesla, West Virginia is in Braxton County and appears to be located near the central area of West Virginia and I79, Northeast of Charleston, WV, and on Route 19.

View Larger Map
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Insight Into GWIN's of Virginia

The image on the left is the Federal Census for Otter, Braxton county, West Virginia; Roll 2527; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 14; Image: 318.0.

In the 1930 Federal Census for Braxton county, West Virginia we found another paternal relative of our GWIN ancestors -- a cousin of my Grandmother Constance Estella Warwick McGill.

See this week's feature entitled, "1935 Letter From Tesla, WV" concerning Mrs. Ethel G. (Gwin) Tinney letter to Mrs. Wm J. McGill.

In the 1930 Federal census, dated April 9, 1930, done by Frank Skidmore, Braxton county, Otter District, West Virginia it shows Ethel G. (Gwin) Tinney (47 years of age), married at age 22 years, widowed, living in her parents home with five of her sons, on US Route #19.

Ethel Tinney's children living with her were at that time were John Basil (17 years); Robert W. (16 years); Twin sons, Cecil Kyle and Claron (Clarence) Keith (12 years); and Forrest Noel (10 years).

Ethel's parents were listed as Walter Gwin, 73 years of age, born in Virginia, occupation listed as farmer, was not a veteran; married Florene H. (a.k.a. Florence K). Florene was listed as owner of the home, 75 years of age, no occupation, and born in Virginia.

Through some research on, we found that Ethel's full name was Ethel Gertrude Gwin, born Oct. 1882, Virginia, USA, died 1965.

Ethel Gwin married John C. (Campbell) Tinney (1881-1923) around 27 July 1905, Braxton, West Virginia. Ethel and John Tinney's children were:

* Clarence (Claron) Keith Tinney (1917-2005)
* Cecil Kyle Tinney (1917-)
* Forrest Noel Tinney (1920-2003)
* John Basil Tinney (1913-1982)
* Paul Noble Tinney (1906-1906)
* Russell Lee Tinney (1907-1972)

More Federal census research on helped us find that Walter P. and Florence K. Gwin's children were:

* Cecil E. (1879-)
* Ethel Gertrude (1882-1965)
* Helen M. (1884-)
* Walton L. (1888-)

Walter P. and Signora Belle GWIN were brother and sister with Signora (a.k.a. Sigga B.) the youngest of three siblings. Their parents were Samuel and Ellen (DEVER) GWIN, married in 1854, had the following children:

* Walter P. (1856-)
* Rhenhama (a.k.a. Ruhama) (1858-)
* Signora Belle (1860-1934)

I just love the name of Great Grandmother Signora Belle and her older sister, Rhenhama (a.k.a. Ruhama). Where did the name Rhenhama or Ruhama originate? I know the GWIN's were Welsh from Wales.
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Baseball & Joe Stanka From Waynoka, OK

Sandie says, "Thank you for writing the Oklahoma baseball book! Joe Stanka, who is included in the book, was from Waynoka. There is a story about him in the current issue of the "Oklahoma Heritage" magazine, Oklahoma.

I appreciated the information about Joe, and also Walter Babb. Walter's daughter, Sanora Babb, became a noted author. She wrote an autobiographical novel, "The Lost Traveler," and wrote a number of other books and magazine articles. Her parents lived in Waynoka in about 1909. She died in Hollywood two or three years ago. A cousin still lives in Waynoka."
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Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Mark T., in Lubbock, TX says, "Thanks Linda, I really never thought I would get any replies to my board request but today I have received three replies, and yours has been the best one. Thank You. I sent you an invite to the Town of Capron OK family tree at - Capron OK 1900 where I am trying to keep the information archived. This is turning out to be a bigger and better success then I had imagined.

"I started researching the town of Capron and its pioneers about a year ago when I got the idea of listing the early pioneers of the town to see if "I could find any living descendants of such family members. I made a couple of contacts but nothing of substances. The board request has already been more productive.

"I have reviewed your website a few different times in my research of NW OK and have found it invaluable. I am so glad you responded to the board requests -- I can use any help you would like to offer."
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Harper, KS Theatre

The Harper Theatre was built in 1922, and was saved from demolition by a concerned citizens' group. It is now named the Prairie Arts Theatre and the space is used for music, poetry and other live performances.

Construction on the Harper Theatre was started in 1921 with the Grand Opening on March 1, 1922. It was toted as one of the finest playhouses and motion picture venues in any town in Southern Kansas.

Scenery work and drop curtains were done by Enid Display of Enid, Oklahoma. There was an orchestra pit and the first floor seating was listed at around 600.

Charles and Gene Botkins bought the theatre from the Thurmans in 1923. They frequently updated the sound projection and screen to keep up with the latest technology. In 1936 the interior went through a remodel that included Nu-wood walls and ceiling of a modern design, new multi color wall lights and new tile for the lobby.

In 1937 the seats were spaced farther apart and the last rows in the back were lifted to give the patrons a better view.

During 1947 the theatre was closed for some three months and the theatre was given a major makeover at a cost of around $35,000. Carlson Construction of Wichita was the contractor for the remodel.

The new stage was set back some 42 feet and adorned with new blue velvet drapes and gold damask. New lighting was installed and the walls were redecorated and sound proofed for good acoustics. The building was enlarged by some 42 feet and 162 more seats were installed. New projection and sound were installed.

Movies went strong through the 30's 40's and then during the 50's Television hit.

With the decline of the downtown during the 60's and coupled with TV, the theatre went to week ends only. Finally, in 1983 without much fanfare the Harper Theatre closed.

With the restoration and given a new use the Harper (A.K.A. Prairie Arts) was open again to the public with a new use.

"In 1880 Harper was organized as a city of the third class, Sept. 7. Sept. 10 the first train of cars entered the city, on the Southern Kansas Railroad. On the 25th of September the first city election was held, at which the following officers were elected: Mayor - Sam S. Sisson. Police Judge - Geo. W. Appley. Councilmen - R.B. Elliott, Dr. H. Martin, R.J. Jones, L.G. Hake, S.D. Noble.
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Harper, KS 1st Bank

The first banking house in Harper, Kansas was that of Woods, Parsons & Co. which was also known later as Ellis & Bourne's Bank, Oct. 29, 1880. As a private bank, it made no public statement of resources, but the fact that Hon. John G. Woods, of Wellington, was a large owner was sufficient to guarantee the stability of the concern.

Thompson & Walton started the second bank in Harper, Kansas on July 1, 1882, which was also known as the First National.

The Harper Exchange Bank, which became the Harper National Bank, opened Jan. 1, 1884.

All the banks occupied substantial two-story brick buildings. For more information Click this URL: Harper, KS History>
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Campbell, I. P., Building - Harper, KS

The I.P. Campbell building, can be seen still standing at 116 W. Main St, Harper (Harper County), and listed on the National Register since 07/12/2006.

It was Constructed in 1881. The I.P. Campbell building is a two-story sandstone commercial building. It was nominated for its architectural significance as a vernacular interpretation of the 19th century Gothic Revival style. The building was constructed using native red sandstone while the windows were trimmed with gray "Winfield" or "Magnesia" limestone as it was referred to by historic newspapers of the time.
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Oklahoma Weather & Gas

Roy in Perry says, "Perry's gas prices remained the same (Conoco/Phillips @ $2.499 with independents at $2.449 or thereabouts) all last week. The weather folks were almost right except it started earlier than predicted. A light rain began last night changing to snow this morning (instead of the afternoon), Monday 2/08/10."
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How Capron, OK Got Its Name

NW Okie says, "Here is some information that I found online about Capron, Oklahoma: 'Capron is a town in Woods County. The community was named for Capt. Allyn K. Capron, officer in the Spanish-American War. The latitude of Capron is 36.896N. The longitude is -98.577W. It is in the Central Standard time zone. Elevation is 1,293 feet. The estimated population, in 2003, was 39.'"
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Loman's & Knowles, OK

For those interested in Knowles, Oklahoma and the Loman line, Lyn says, "The Loman line is part of our research .... I have some photos and info."
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Ken Updike's Possible Book

We received the following note from Ken Updike about a week ago saying his son had copyrighted his stories, "Growing Up In OKlahoma." We wish Ken and his son the best and hope he lets us know when his book or booklet comes out so we can share that information with you all.

We have been searching through our database to make sure we have them all taken down and replaced with the following message below. If you come across any that we have missed, please let us know what Vol., Iss. and URL it is so we can take it down. Good Luck, Ken!

Ken Updike says, "I write this evening asking you to remove all of my previous writings to you about my Ramblins. Personal stories that I told you and your readers.

"My Son has had all of my writings, and notes copyrighted so that we can put them in a book or booklet. His idea. I really have no objections to this, but he insists we can be viewed by more people. I leave it up to him. Thanks for your help in the past, and I still read your Okie Legacy nearly every week. Best regards."
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Miles Kelly's Experience At Camp Alva

Aaron Horton (Email: says, "Hello, I'm currently doing research on German POWs in the US during WWII, and I found the paper on Miles Kelly's experiences at Camp Alva very interesting. However, I can't seem to find the author's name. I know the person that wrote it was Kelly's child, but would you happen to know their name? That way, I can cite the paper properly in my footnotes and bibliography. Thanks!"
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