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                             Volume 8, Issue 3 -- 2006-01-21                     

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Thanks From The OkieLegacy Staff...

Some of our readers whose email client suppressed line spaces and breaks -- tended to reformat our "OkieLegacy" emails before it got to their email boxes.

According to our Major Guru, "What we think was happening ... it had everything running together because of the email client suppressing extra line spaces, breaks. What we did to work around this was to add a space before and after the link that was being corrupted. While this is not the browsers fault, it is not the fault of the coding. It had to do with the translation of the email on the users' computer."

Our Major Guru says, "It seems that this problem with email clients is causing headaches around the web for those who want to automate a lot of their communication to their clients/viewers. If you all have a code or technique that will work with ALL email clients to show emails as the author designs it, please leave your thoughts and comments."

Thanks for your patience and understanding during our testing Sunday afternoon. We appreciate it!
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I have now updated the link from the comment page to return you directly to the original article or mailbag Item that NW Okie published. ~Major Guru 2006-01-22 13:25:46
Please note that the Okie Legacy no longer shows links to email addresses with their comments on future and past comment submissions.

The pimary purpose of submitting an email address to a comment was/is to better enable discussion on a particular subject and protect from "flaming" of unpopluar comments directed at our individual readers.

Readers that submit an email address with their comment will be notified automatically VIA NW Okie's email address when new comments are posted to that same article. Every notfication provides an unsubcribe option to stop the autonotification at any time.

Please let us know what you think whether you feel comfortable using this new feature in the future. ~Major Guru 2006-01-22 12:48:30
Well, the Subscription service for each story seemes to be working. If readers who comment to a article and enter their email address along with ther name, they'll be subscribed automatically AND the subscription count for each article will increase.

Currently, many readers are commenting without sharing emails. This disables the subscription service and autonotification when comments are added to that article. If you notice on the gas prices comments, the email link is NW Okie's g-mail account (or her g-mailbag).

Has anyone tried using the OkieLegacy Archive Search funcion on the left. Find anything interesting? How may volumes have been entered into the Okie Legacy eZine? ~Major Guru 2006-01-22 11:47:44

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