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                             Volume 18, Issue 8 -- 2016-02-22                     

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NW Okie's Journey

We are researching more Oklahoma outlaws, murders, and etc., that has happened in the state of Oklahoma and Indian Territory. We also include some new news article from the March 13, 1956 fiery death of Mildred Ann (Newlin) Reynolds that occurred 12 miles southwest of Alva, Oklahoma and a couple miles East of Avard on a rural country road.

Found on

As to 1895 Oklahoma News:
It was in The Beaver Herald, Beaver, Oklahoma, dated 1 August 1895, Thursday, page 1, that we found this news article concerning "Six Women in Jail at Guthrie Charged with Hiding Outlaws."

Guthrie, O.T., July 26 (1895) (Special) -- One of the strange results of the widespread movement against the outlaws in Oklahoma is the number of women who have been arrested. The original woman sympathizer with outlaws in Oklahoma was the famous Miss Tom King. She has not been heard from for the last two years and undoubtedly has settled down for good.

But other women have apparently succeeded her in this queer vocation. It is a fact that the so called female bandits of Oklahoma are not criminals, except in being accomplices of the outlaws. Within the last three months six women have been arrested for this breach of law technically known as "harboring outlaws."

Miss Jessie Findlay, the captivating young person now in jail in Oklahoma City is one of these and the best looking and most womanly of all. The two women in jail here who were captured near Alva are not good looking and are bad characters. The three latest acquisitions are Mrs. Wade and her two daughters. They were arrested in Pawnee county Tuesday and brought before a United States commissioner who bound them over to the next term of court not he charge of harboring outlaws. Mrs. Wade herself is a commonplace looking woman, but her two daughters are very pretty in form, face and lady-like. It is not known whether either is the sweetheart of one of the gang or not.

In 1895, there was said to be a general movement all over the territory against outlaws. The organization in Pottawatomie county had put a stop to depredations there and it was known that it was a posse of farmers, and not deputy marshals, as reported in the eAgle, which had the desperate encounter with he lawbreakers near Hennessy that week.

The killing of one man and the capture of two others was done by a posse of farmers who recently organized to hunt down thieves who had been almost nightly stealing horses in the vicinity of Sheridan along the Skeleton and who came upon the thieves Tuesday evening with the stolen property in their possession and at once opened fire upon them with revolver, shot gun and Winchester, killing one and capturing the others. The dead man and the prisoners were taken to Hennessy Tuesday night and from there to kingfisher yesterday, and the two men lodged in the county jail at the latter place on the charge of stealing horses.

The dead man beard a resemblance to Zip Wyatt and many of the vigilant posse believe they had brought down the notorious outlaw, but many who know Wyatt well declare it was not him.

The idea of one of the prisoners being Bill Doolan was hooted at by the Daltons, and it was believed they were only common horse thieves. When taken from he train at Kingfisher the one supposed to be Doolan asked that his face be covered with a handkerchief to prevent identification by the crowd, and attempt at dramatic effect that brands him as an amateur outlaw who had obtained all his cues from dime novels.

We shall overcome! Good Night! Good Luck!
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