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Volume 9, Issue 28 -- 2007-07-17

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Linda I appreciate all you are doing to bring our history to light. You have restored many wonderful memories of family and friends that were long forgotten through your diligent efforts.Keep up the good work.
 ~Bill Barker regarding Okie's story from Vol. 7 Iss. 10 titled UNTITLED

I wonder is the same McClure that had the insurance company there in Alve? Steve
 ~Steve Nicholson regarding Okie's story from Vol. 11 Iss. 29 titled UNTITLED

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On the Road Again

NW Okie's travels have taken her up the California coastline this last week to the Napa Valley wine country, Friday 13th, July 13, 2007. Thought you might want to catch a quick peek of NW Okie taking in the sunset, July 10, 2007 at San Simeon, California.

After touring a few wineries with friends in Napa, California all day Friday, we checked out of Napa early Saturday morning and headed through Sacramento and south of Lake Tahoe and following the highway along the southwest side of Nevada where it borders California.

There "ain't" nothing much in the way of towns on the western edge of Nevada, is there. It's like we had the whole road to ourselves.... at times. We finally made Las Vegas, NV around midnight and decided to take a breather an sleep before heading any farther.

We had a great visit with our friends, Joel & Lanie in Henderson, Nevada before we headed towards the Red Rock Canyon and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon the next.

We will get our photos organized and on our webshots and/or Flickr site later in the week.
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Growing Up In Oklahoma

We are in the process of taking down Kenneth Updike's stories and ramblings of "Growing Up In Oklahoma" because Kenneth asked us, "To remove all of my previous writings to you about my Ramblins. Personal stories that I told you and your readers. My Son has had all of my writings, and notes copyrighted so that we can put them in a book or booklet. His idea. I really have no objections to this, but he insists we can be viewed by more people. I leave it up to him. Thanks for your help in the past, and I still read your Okie Legacy nearly every week."

If you find some of Kenneth's Ramblings that I have missed, Please email me the link with Vol. and Iss. numbers so that this NW Okie can remove them. Thanks for your help!
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Enos W. Parsons (Oklahoma Black Slave)

Enos W. Parsons (Oklahoma Black Slave)... "I do not know if it is true, but he supposedly had an affair with Samantha Labadie and when it was born, her husband Frank Labadie, saw it was black and killed Enos and the baby, then years later, Frank killed Samantha and himself, the deathdate on their graves are the same. The cemetary info says Enos may or may not be buried there. Go to Google and type in labadie house in Copan OK. " -- Kendi Regier View/Write Comments (count 1)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

Oklahoma Rain

I had to turn off my computer just about the time this message was coming in because lightning was dancing all around and thunder was booming loudly here. It continued raining most of the night and my dog (Duchess) kept waking me from her place in the bathroom wanting to go out, but everytime I'd open the back door for her, she'd scoot back past me to hide in her bed. I couldn't get her to go out 'til the rain had almost quit about 8:30 this morning. My rain gauge this morning shows another 2.35" of rain overnight and the grass is growing so rapidly you can almost see it daring me to start mowing again (and of course it's too wet for that).

I hope your travels are "weather" free and that you'll think of the "Okie's" back here while you enjoy a sip of that California wine. In the meantime we're wondering if we will have the wettest July to follow that wettest June. I guess that we just prayed too long for rain during that dry-spell and we're now being teased as those prayers are still being answered. Have a safe trip and hurry back.

I guess our newspaper was having a slow newsday because they ran all these photos about the 1.1" of rain on Thursday but the next day they just had a tiny piece in reference to the 2.7" that fell that night! Is it so commonplace now that we should ignore what follows?

Our gas prices were soaring out of sight too (went up to $3.15.9 early this week) until they had too many complaints and today our local stations dropped them back down to $3.05.9. Of course that's still too high, but we have no choice. No more rain since night before last so there were lawn mowers roaring to life all over town. Not mine though, I had other things to do. I took measurements and photos of some more things to put on my web pages and will probably start working on them again as soon as I send this message; and I suppose I should do that about now. " -- -- Roy K.
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Carmen, Oklahoma

I was born in Carmen in 1938. My dad was superintendent of the Cherokee light and power plant and then overhauled the Carmen system. I have a number of photos of a parade in Carman with my folks (Vernon and Neita Ewing Hedrick), and the Ewing families of Aline, McWille, Helena areas at these parades if you might be interested. My family moved to Caif. during the summer of 41 and dad became chief electrician for Lockeed Aircraft plant during the war and mom was a true "Rosie the Riveter" at Vega Aircraft." -- Larry Hedrick - Email:
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Napa Valley Wineries & Sights

These are just a few of the Napa Valley wineries and sites that we visited last week, Thanks to Terry and John Kent for their great hospitality and friendship.

1. Jarvis Winery Cave Tasting & Tour (This Winery is a hidden secret not advertised in any of the tourist info. It is breathtaking. The tour also offers a viewing of the the largest amathyst collection I've ever seen. Tours by appt. only.

2. Trichard Winery is a top Estate winery. This is a small family owned Winery practically out the Kent's back door. The wine is very good. Tours by appt. only. They specialize in red wines - Syrah, Pinot, and Cabernet's.

3. Copia is somewhat new to Napa Valley is a center for wine, food and the arts. It offers a museum, a cooking demo auditorium, movie theatre, concert theatre, 2 dining rooms to include "Julia's kitchen" (named after Julia Child) , gift shop, wine tasting, and large outdoor garden. Thursday, July 12th they are had a Brazillian band and dance troup performing there when we went.

4. Tres Sabores Winery The winemaker/owner, Julie Johnson and her husband John Engelskirger are the parents of a friend of Lindsay Kent. John E. is the winemaker for Turnbull Winery. They have a great place and have 2 beautiful dogs that are featured in the new book Winery Dogs of the Napa Valley.
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El Reno Postcard

"Here's a copy of one of my early Oklahoma postcards (Bickford Street, looking South, El Reno, Oklahoma). I decided to share some of them." -- Roy K.
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Alva High Class of '63 Reunion

"The Alva High Class of '63 will have its 45th reunion on Memorial Day Weekend of 2008. If you have not received an email from me, please email me so you will be on my email list. We had a great turn out for our last reunion... but know that this reunion will be the best ever! See you soon!" -- Kay (Coffman) Campbell - Email:
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Missing OkieLegacy Ezine

"It has probably been a couple of months since I last received an issue don't remember. I miss it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip. I've visited some of the places you mention. We pulled our horns in and sold our RV. Three dollar gasoline took all the thrill out of that. Martha nearly had to hold a gun on me to make me fill up the 50 gallon tank. I just got back from a trip, by air, to visit me daughter and family in Michigan. I got a grandkid fix, but was once again reminded of why God only gives children to young people."

[Editor's Note: If you are missing OkieLegacy ezine mailings each week, you can view the archives for The OkieLegacy and Volume 9]
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WWI Remount Depot No. 333

"Greg Krenzelok forwarded your e-mail to me regarding the photo of Remount Depot no. 333 during WW1. I am the owner of the photo in question and it's ironic that you have a heritage centered in NW OK. I have just finished publishing my Father's autobiography. You might be interested in knowing where he was raised. There is a little town about as far NW as you can get in OK called Kenton. Although my Father wasn't born there he was raised and joined the Army from there. Michael Wragg, who's Grandfather is featured on the other website was very fortunate in being left a great deal of memorabilia and coincidentally we found out that Mike's Grandfather and my Father served together in the same squadron all during and after WW1. My Father was listed in his diary. I believe I might be able to assist you in any endeavors but truthfully I am one of the world's worst typists. It might be much more convenient if you would either send me a phone # where you can be reached or call me at (928) 774-4962. I live in Flagstaff and apparently you came through here in your recent travels. It's too bad we did not know of each other's existence at that time. It might be interesting to all of you, I have a new e-mail address and even though I keep monitoring both of them my new address seems to be much more convenient." -- Robert Phillips - Email:
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OkieLegacy Guestbook

7/13/2007 - Capt. Harvey Edgeworth... "Hello, My Uncle and Godfather was Harvey Edgeworth. Your website is wonderful, I've been pouring over it for days now. If anyone who reads this has any further information that might help me, I'd be forever grateful. His name is Harvey Everett Edgeworth (spelled Edgworth in the diary), in 1944 he was Captain of Company B in the 290th Infantry and also listed as Hq Co 1st Battalion. My e-mail is: and my phone number is 805-896-7725. Gratefully." -- Scott W. Robinson - Email:

7/13/2007 - Been There... "My husband and myself came through there several years ago on our way to Colorado. I must say it was very interesting to see." -- Margaret Craven - Email:

7/6/2007 - E.L. Ballinger... "Hi! Just checking out your site, again. Still wondering about that E.L. Ballinger. Thanks." -- Mark A. Ballinger - Email:
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