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Volume 11, Issue 46 -- 2009-11-16

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Here is some information that I found online about Capron, Oklahoma: "Capron is a town in Woods County [more]...
 ~NW Okie regarding Okie's story from Vol. 12 Iss. 5 titled UNTITLED

I want to again thank Tami for the painting of Floris Patterson, my grandmother [more]...
 ~Lora Aldridge Thompson regarding Okie's story from Vol. 7 Iss. 27 titled UNTITLED

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We hear Wolf Creek Ski Resort got another 30 inches of snow added this last weekend to its already 50 inch base it already had accumulated. Here North of Bayfield, Colorado we received about 4 inches of snow Saturday, November 14, 2009.

NW Okie has been doing some cleaning up around the ParisTimes Pioneers website while she learns, plays with a NEW genealogy software program for the Mac, Reunion 9.

So ? that means dusting off, cleaning up some genealogy data files around this joint. Plus merging the Paternal genealogy data with the maternal genealogy data. You can see those mergers and updates at the following Links:

* Family Album
* Warwick / Paris / Wagner Family Tree
* MyHeritage - Family Genealogy Site
* Family album Slideshow
* Geneanet - Family Genealogy
* ParisTimes Pioneer Family Group Sheets
* ParisTimes Pioneer Ahnentafel Surnames

Another thing NW Okie has been playing, learning to use is Parallels Desktop for Mac. This little software program allows NW Okie to run two or more operating systems on her MacBookPro laptop as a virtual machine. Right now NW Okie is able to run Mac's Snow Leopard in coherence with Windows 7. Making it easier to use Windows programs alongside the Mac without having two computers. There are some Windows programs that will not run on a Mac. Having a virtual machine allows NW Okie to use Windows programs alongside and with the Mac programs, compatibly.

Well! These Pilgrims in Southwest Colorado will be getting together next week sometime for their annual givings of Thanks for their bountiful crops and health. Hope you ALL do the same! Happy Thanksgiving To ALL and Happy Birthday to Nathan Christopher Colon, November 26th!
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Surnames: White | Magill | Carter | Ashworth | Arrowsmith

Andrew says, "Hi! My Great Grandmother is proving difficult to locate and wondered if anyone could help. In 1901 she is living in Denton, England with my Great Grandfather (William White).

"My Great Grandmother was called Minnie White, aged 28 (1873ish) born in Scotland. I have copies of some of her childrens birth certificates and they state her maiden name was either Magill or MacGill, depending on which one you look at. I have found her death certificate which was in 1950. It said she was 76 (1874ish).

"In the 1911 census it says she was born in Falkirk, Scotland and was aged 37 (1874ish). One of her children was born in Ireland in 1890.

"After a lot of work I managed to locate the childs birth in the Belfast workhouse no father named so I know she wasn't Williams and no father named on the childs marriage certificate either. While searching in Ireland I managed to locate Minnie's marriage to William. However, this says her name was Mary Magill and her father was John Magill, this also says in 1892 she was 22 (1870ish).

"I guess she lied about her age for the marriage as if the earlier dates are correct then she was only 18 or 19. I have checked Scotlandpeople but haven't located anything. If anyone needs more info please feel free to drop me a message."
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Update On William Wiley Guinn's Ancestors

Kathryn (EMAIL: says, "Just an update on my search for William Wiley Guinn's ancestors. It appears that William Wiley Guinn (1834 MI/AL-1902 AR) was the son of Chesley R. Gwinn and Levinia Clay (see Guinn / William / Wiley and ChesLey Gwin & Levinia Clay). Thanks again for posting my search. If anyone has information about this Chesley R. Gwinn, please let me know!"

-- OkieLegacy Comment - Warwick Coat of Arms
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New Online Family History Bookstore

This new online bookstore reportedly gives away FREE SEARCHABLE CD-ROM with the purchase of any family history book. They have over 20,000 titles to choose from, I just tought that I will pass it along to you. Their online address is
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Nickels / McClure Home

Steve Nicholson says, "What is the address of this house? I used to know of a mansion on Locust street, but I thought it was called the Ensor mansion. South side of Locust in yellow brick."

NW Okie says, "The census that I saw showed the address of the Nickels home as 1315 Locust Street. Yes! It was also the home of Dr. Ensor at one time and is located between 13th & 14th Street, on south side of Locust Street, and has a tennis court that sets along side 14th Street, if I remember correctly."
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W. B. "Birdie" Hull

Awhile back in our OkieLegacy Archives we had an article entitled, 1947 Criminal Case #1091, Alva, OK. This week we heard from "Birdie" Hull's grandson with more information about W. B. Hull.

Bill Betts (EMAIL: says, "W.B. Hull was known as Birdie Hull. His full name was Willis Berten Hull. This case may relate to Hull shooting down Gene McGill's airplane. The case was moved to Woodward county. I talked with Gene at Hull's funeral and Gene offered to help the family if he could.

"Gene (talking about himself) said he was an SOB but everyone knew it. You had to like Gene, he was direct and knew the truth of what happened. I'm W. B. Hull's Grandson and still have the rifle that shot down Gene's plane." -- 1947 Criminal Case #1091, 1947, Alva, OK
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Oklahoma Memories, Gas & Weather

Roy says, "The price of gasoline in Perry the past few days (13 Nov. 2009) has been $2.49.9 per gallon and we've had three tenths of an inch of rain. We're expecting some rain changing to snow this weekend also. I'm not ready for it, but prefer that to ice.

"I was introduced to Johnny Standley's sister Martha Knott by Mack Scizm, our director at the Mummer's Theater In The Round when I remarked to him, "It's In The Book" (the title of the other side of the record, Grandma's Lye Soap"). Martha and her brother Johnny had been members of the "Standley Family Players" which toured the country-side with the Chautauqua circuit in earlier days."
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Pro Baseball Leagues In 1904?

How many Pro-Baseball leagues there were in 1904? I do not have the answer to this and thought maybe some of you out there could help find the answer.

It has been awhile since we last reported this inquiry. I still have not found out the answer and thought I would try to jog a few memory cells out there to see if anyone knew the answer to this question.

A 1904 Baseball Fan asked replied awhile back, "My Great-Grandpa played back in 1904 when he started to play professional, can't seem to find any information. Only this, A Hans Mangold lived in San Antonio, Texas. Jackob Mangold was my Great-Grandpa's Name. What I know is ? he was 18 and started to play Professional Baseball in Kearny County, Larkin, Kansas. He lived in Kearny County, Kansas. Nothing much. How many baseball teams were there in 1904? If you can help me let me know." -- Javan - EMAIL: View/Write Comments (count 0)   |   Receive updates (0 subscribers)  |   Unsubscribe

WWII POW Camps Map & History

Awhile back I transcribed some information passed down to me by one of my readers. It concerns the WWII POW Camps in Oklahoma - 1943-45.

Click the Oklahoma Map to the left to catch a better glimpse of the POW camps that dotted our State. You can read more about the Barbed Wire & Nazilagers POW Camps in Oklahoma written by Richard S. Warner, a free lance writer in Tulsa who has been collecting information on POW camps for many years. - printed in The Chronicles of Oklahoma, Vol. LXIV, No. 1, Spring 1986.
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Old Photos Need A Home

These Old Photos were found awhile back by the descendants of Charles Cummings of Alva whom worked as a photographer for various studios including in Alva. Can anyone out there help find a home for them?

The first one pictured on the left is of Old Man Davis, who we believe had a studio in Alva.

This one has written on the back of it Gean Barker & Wife Dade.

This one says Wright-Milk Man at Alva.

The writing of the last name on this one is hard to read. It looks like Ethel and Clyd Wadde or Woode. It was taken at the Ross Studio in Alva.

This one says Copick Girl's Wedding Pictures.

This one has written Olive Brown.

This one says Billy Bare.

And last but not least, we have the Maddox Children.

In case it has been awhile since you have stopped by "Oakie's Webshots," you can view the Old Alva Studio Pictures we have collected from others. We have some Unknowns that we could sure use your help identifying. You can click on the View Guestbook under the Old Photos Albums and leave a message concerning any of the Old Alva Photos.

Ellen says, "We have no idea if the spelling is right. Its just what we could see and the only tip we have as to who they might be. You ask if I have a first name for Mr. Wright in the Alva Photos. Sorry, it doesn't have a first name. As for if Clyd is right on the Woode or Wadde photo, it looks like its either C-L-Y-D or O-L-Y-D . There is one other caption. Its says its "Ollie's girlfriend". Ollie was our grandmother, Olive Modesta Cunningham Cummings. She was the daughter of William Franklin Cunningham. They came to Alva at the opening of the Cherokee Strip and remained there until the 1920's when they left and came to Kansas."

Here's an Unknown Couple from early day Alva.
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Wiley Cowan

Awhile back a reader wrote in concerning his GG-Grandfather, Wiley Cowan. It seems that Tom Dyer wrote a poem about Wiley Cowan that appeared in the obit in the Alva paper in November of 1935. Wiley Cowan was a superintendant of the Eagle Chief Pool Ranch - foreman of the Schlupp Balinger Ranch; and the first whiteman to travel the Old Cantonment Trail. I was looking back at some of my Fairvalley Legacies and found the following little tidbit that I had gotten from Wilma Terrill that she compiled in 1997. Mart Benson was an old timer who worked for Wiley Cowan and followed the trail a long time. At one time he wintered on Anderson Creek, then he homesteaded where Iva and Virgil Murrow lived.
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Early 1900 Advertising In NW Oklahoma

Advertising in Early Woods County, Oklahoma ... These Early Woods County Ads, in Oklahoma were found amongst my grandmother's old photos and showing Gene and his younger Bob McGill as young boys holding the homemade signs for McGill Bros. Furniture store in the 600 block of Barnes Avenue in some of the photos. There is this first photo on the left that I do not recognize the driver of the cart.

* Early Ads #2 ... Gene McGill, on horse, and Bob McGill in cart.
* Early Ads #3 ... Who are the ladies in the horse cart?
* Early Ads #4 ... Another shot of Gene and Bob McGill
* Early Ads #5 ... A shot of Gene, on horse, and Bob McGill helping advertise for McGill Bros. Furniture.
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