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Volume 10, Issue 23 -- 2008-06-08

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For those of us who have enjoyed the company of Hadley and Harley Hintergardt at the station in OKC the end came [more]...
 ~Bev Barker regarding Okie's story from Vol. 10 Iss. 22 titled UNTITLED

WOW!! A Chisholm Trail cowboy in your family...tell us more of this postage stamp art. Are you cutting up stamps and pasting them on paper, or what? Or do you collect post office cancellations? Please tell us more. Thanx!!
 ~Steve regarding Okie's story from Vol. 8 Iss. 8 titled UNTITLED

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Another Place

For the past few months we have been busy scouring the classifieds for another place to lease up here in SW Colorado near the San Juan Mountains. Well! Finally... after checking out lots of local rentals, we have narrowed it down to a couple places and will be moving around the end of June or beginning of July. Hopefuly, around the end of June.

Towards the end of June we are moving to a log cabin nestled in the pines North of Bayfield, Colorado with a DSL (faster) connection than what our satellite (Hughesnet) offers us now. We may or may not keep our ( ) email, but our -- will be our main working emails.

One of our OkieLegacy readers told this NW Okie that he would make me rich and famous. As to the "Rich & Famous," that is not what I strive for in writing this weekly OkieLegacy Ezine.

This is merely a hobby and labor of love to energize my passions, fullfill my dreams and use my talents to enable others to network and connect while searching for their roots.

Have a great week and follow your passions, dreams and keep those legacy stories coming this way to share with everyone. We would love to learn more about you and you could even include a mugshot like Kenneth Updike did this week for one of his Growing Up In Oklahoma stories that we feature from time to time in our Mailbag section.
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McGill Bros. - Gene & Bob

The photo on the left is a picture of the McGill Brothers, Gene (left) & Robert (right), taken out at the ranch on Hwy 14 sometime around 1944 as the McGill Bros. were standing in front of Gene's light airplane.

My Dad, Gene McGill, was many things to many people. Some people probably did not care for him or his politics. BUT... He put on no airs and was himself. He worked hard and overcame many things growing up through two world wars (WWI & WWII) and the "Dirty 30's" or "Dust Bowl" days.

Gene wasn't perfect, but who is? BUT... He had his dreams, passions and fought for the rights of the little guys. He was one of the leading forces that established the "Flying Farmers!" He was an outstanding Northwest Oklahoma Democrat of the 1950's through the earlier 1960's.

Gene came from a family with a domineering, business-like Mother and a Father who was a lefthanded, fast pitcher for the Minor Southwest Texas League (1906-1907), Austin Senators, and pitched one season (1907) in the Majors for the St. Louis Browns before he headed back to Oklahoma in 1907 and went into the furniture business fulltime with his older brother, James McGill.

My grandpa, Bill McGill, married my grandmother, Constance Warwick McGill, in the Spring of 1910 and they had two sons, Gene (1914) and Robert (1916).

Gene's younger brother, Bob, was a handsome gentlemen and Veteran of World War II who earned the title of Major and fought overseas with the 193rd/165th & 27th Infantry Division.

Uncle Robert Lee McGill was a Lt. with the 193rd Tank Bn. for only a short time in the Hawaiian Islands around 21 October 1942. This outfit attached to 165th Inf. & 27th Inf. Divn. WWII. On Makin Island, was known as 193rd, and changed to 762nd Tank Bn., when sent on to Saipan and participated in "mop-up" operations at both locations.

Uncle Bob died young of lung cancer, 21 February 1954, while he was married to his second wife, Dr. Felicia Monfort. Whether Uncle Bob's illness was from his tour of duty during WWII, we are not sure, but suspect. Bob was only 38 years when he died in February, 1954 -- only four days before this NW Okie's 6th birthday. My memories of Uncle Bob are slim!

The McGill Bros., Gene & Bob, will be remembered fondly and perhaps not so fondly by those whose lives they touched throughout their lives.
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Alva's Arts Festival & Weather

With all the wind, storms and cool fronts coliding with warm wet fronts, how did Alva's (OK) Annual Arts Festival, Nescatunga Arts Festival, turn out?

Did Alva and Woods County have fair weather and a big turnout for Nescatunga Arts Festival yesterday, Saturday, June 7, for their annual on the downtown park square in Alva, OK? Did they have to move it in doors? Let us know how it turned out and share some photos of the art winner and crowds with everyone.

Wednesday in SW Colorado we had a cool front come through and cool things down with gusty winds blowing throughout the SW Colorado valley. By Thursday afternoon, the clouds had parted to show the blue sky overhead, and it was a fantastic cool, comfortable day in the 60's and 70's. The mountain tops above 8000 feet received snow while the valley got a nice, misting rain and the Animas was a roaring, muddy river.

I guess our cool front from Wednesday traveled onto the plains and prairies of Kansas, Nebraska, and Northwest Oklahoma to keep the weathermen and storm chasers busy Thursday and into Friday with threats of strong winds, hail, lots of rain and possible flooding in parts of the states on east.

Someone mentioned about our Colorado Cool weather to send some their way to Oklahoma. That is what happens when our cool fronts meet up with your warm wet fronts down in Oklahoma this time of year. Storms! Rain! Lots of High Winds!
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Alva High Class of '63

"The Goldbug Class of '63 held its 45th class reunion on Memorial Day weekend. I thought your readers may recognize the names of those who attended. I will list the maiden names for the gals.

Those who came were: Bill Beierschmitt, David Bouziden, Carol Chase, Andy Clark, Kay Coffman, Vicki Coffman, Carol French, Andrew Frost, Glenna Mae Hendricks, Barbara Kilmer, Dee Leatherman, Ron Little, Karen Lohmann, Marilyn Maxwell, Merlin Phillips, Alvin Reining, Barbara Rockenbach, Mary Ann Roepke, Tony Shalloup, Eva Kay Svobada.

10 Deceased Classmates:Linda Cook, Diana Doctor, Lloyd Erikson, Steve Gunn, Rita Hintergardt, Gaynell Johnson, Karen Johnson, Judy Rhodes, Carmen Southard, Judy Stamm>

Our 50th Class Reunion is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, 2013. We have an extensive updated list of our classmates if any one is interested in a particular person. Contact Kay:" -- Kay (Coffman) Campbell - Email:
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Growing Up & Dying In Oklahoma

We are in the process of taking down Kenneth Updike's stories and ramblings of "Growing Up In Oklahoma" because Kenneth asked us, "To remove all of my previous writings to you about my Ramblins. Personal stories that I told you and your readers. My Son has had all of my writings, and notes copyrighted so that we can put them in a book or booklet. His idea. I really have no objections to this, but he insists we can be viewed by more people. I leave it up to him. Thanks for your help in the past, and I still read your Okie Legacy nearly every week."

If you find some of Kenneth's Ramblings that I have missed, Please email me the link with Vol. and Iss. numbers so that this NW Okie can remove them. Thanks for your help!
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Bison, OK Memories & Request

"I ran across your site doing a Google lookup on Bison, Oklahoma. I'm from Oklahoma but I've lived in Arizona for years. My Mother was born and grew up in Bison. I should re-state that. She grew up on a farm outside of Bison but Bison was the closest 'big town' to her.

My Grandmother lived on the farm until her husband died and then she moved "in town" and became the the postmaster of the post office until she passed away some time ago. I guess my revived interest in Bison is because my mother passed away last November and you know how the heart keeps bringing things up and memories associated. I spent many a summer in Bison staying with my grandmother. I was with my mother and brother at the time.

I'm wondering if any of your readers live anywhere close to Bison or pass there on the highway very often. Now I'll get to the biggest reason for writing.

I'm 50-years old and its been a long time since I was in Bison. I was hoping that someone might get some pictures of "downtown" Bison. It should be quick and easy because the last time I was there, the only things that constituted "downtown" was the grain silos, the co-op, the post office, a closed down auto repair and three churches. That was it. Oh yeah, on the other side of the highway was a bbq beef stand.

My biggest request would be pictures of the post office and especially the side walls of the post office. You see, the red brick used to build it was so soft, you could carve your name or initials or whatever into the brick. Of course, being a kid, my cousins and brother did just that. It has a little history too. My moms brother even carved his name into it when he was a boy which would have been about 70 years ago!

I miss spending summers there and I always have. My mothers parents were Tom and Wilma Reeder. Their daughter and son were Bette Ruth and Ted Reeder. Ted had two sons named Mike and Pat. Bette Ruth Reeder had two sons, Tim and Steve. I'm Steve. On the side walls of the post office there should be most of our names carved in to the wall. Right next to the post office is a small, two bedroom house that my grandmother lived in until she passed away. A picture or two of the house would be great two.

I don't know if anyone wants to do this, but it would sure be nice if someone would. I doubt I'll ever be by there again because I don't have any relatives living around there anymore." - Steve Simmons -
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Oklahoma's Weather (June 5, 2008)

"The weather man says Oklahoma will have some bad weather today, mostly this afternoon and this evening and early morning thursday. The odds of it making it this far south in Oklahoma is not that great. If we get bad weather, it will be this evening late. Mostly rain for us, hopefully. Here is the place I check weather (). Once you are at a State, on the left hand side is "National Reflectivity" ... I use that screen a lot too. As of right now, there is no bad weather in Oklahoma. But that will change later today." -- Butch
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Oklahoma Weather & Gas

"We missed out on the BIG storms last night (June 5) but Perry did receive some more rain overnight. Here at home I measured 67/100s of an inch of rain which (for a change) was about 2/10s" more than at my place of business (about 4 blocks away).

I also walked by our Conoco station this evening and noticed that the price had dropped back down to $3.69.9 (from $3.79.9 earlier in the week). They're still teasing us with up and down prices. It's been very warm and humid today after the cool-down from last nights rain. I wonder what it'll be like tomorrow?

They did it again!!! The gas prices went up to $3.83.9 today (June 6). I should have gone back to the shop yesterday and gotten a gas can to fill for lawn mowing." -- Roy
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Feb 16, 1958 Sports Spasm

We wanted to pay tribute to that famous Northwest Sports Spasms writer, E. M. Barker, who wrote for the Alva Review-Courier in the "Old Days" of Northwest Oklahoma.

Remember when Larry Colson's 20 points allowed the Northwestern Rangers to defeat the Northeastern Redman at Tahlequah, on a Friday, back in 1958, with a score of 60-57?

E. M. Barker stated in his '58 article, "There isn't a team in the conference that has been able to run over the Rangers with an appreciable margin in the last half of the conference race. Although they are out of the picture as far as winning the crown is concerned they have demonstrated time and again they can play nip and tuck ball with any team in the conference. They have come a long ways defensively and Colson's shooting from the outside has certainly been embarrassing to team strying to run tight zone defenes against the Rangers."

This 1958 article is for those fishermen, Ranger sports enthusiasts out there. Enjoy! -- NW Okie
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Jesse Garrison & Postage Stamp Art

"WOW!! A Chisholm Trail cowboy in your family ... tell us more of this postage stamp art. Are you cutting up stamps and pasting them on paper, or what? Or do you collect post office cancellations? Please tell us more. Thanx!!" -- Steve -
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Pioneer Lewis A. Salter Story

"Excellent write up. I live in Argonia KS near where Lewis and Susanna Salter lived. Your story brings to life their interesting lives." -- Dale Weishaar - Email: -
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Quinlan, Woodward Co., OK

"Quinlan is alive and thriving. The church is open every Sunday and is the center of the community." Jeanene Bonicelli - OkieLegacy Comment
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Hintergardt Bros. OKC Station Closes

"For those of us who have enjoyed the company of Hadley and Harley Hintergardt at the station in OKC, the end came. Sorry to see the boys close down, but in true Hintergardt tradition they did it with a bang. Good story in the Oklahoman as well as a video presentation. It was a great run guys. Be looking forward to seeing what you get up to next." -- Bev - OkieLegacy Comment

[Editor's Note: Last Memorial day weekend the Hintergardt Bros. (Hadley & Harley), formerly of Alva, OK, opened their business for the last day of business at their gas station on 50th Street, Oklahoma City. Below is a link to the NewsOK news story and video of their final day. Here's a link to the story of Harley & Hadley's station closing in OKC, at 3601 50th Street - Hintergardt''s OKC Station closes.]
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1958 NW Oklahoma Politics

In February, 1958, a number of county Republicans gathered at the Woods county courthouse, for the election of A. A. Rauh, Jr., Alva, as county chairman for two years.

Rauh succeeded Richard Downer as boss of GOP affairs in Woods county in 1958. Mrs. Alice Goranflo of Waynoka was elected to serve as county Vice-chairman along with Chairman Rauh.

Delegates to the meeting renamed George McClure to post of State committeeman for two years. Mrs. Anna Eller was named state committeewoman. Francis Rogers, of Waynoka, was named district committeeman, and Mrs. M. V. Baker, was named district committeewoman. Mrs. Jim Wardrop, Freedom, was elected to Mrs. Eller's former position, and Gertrude Myers was re-elected county treasurer.

Drake Bingham, chairman of the resolutions committee gave his annual report and 13 resolutions to be presented at the state convention. Among the resolutions were those "redicating allegence to the fundamental principals of the party, leadership of President Eisenhower, and sincere appreciation to the outstanding record of legislator and county officer holders."

State Delegates:
A nominating committee headed by Jim Wardrop, Freedom, presented the officer slate which was approved by separate vocal balloting from the floor. 19 delegates were named to attend the state GOP meeting in Oklahoma City, February 24, 1958, following the annual Jefferson Day dinner the day before in the Skirvin hotel. Named as delegates were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Denner, Russell Floyd, Vernie Hackney, Drake Bingham, Merlin Camp, Rauh, Downer, Mrs. Goranflo, Francis Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wardrop, Mrs. Anna Ellers, Lloyd Rockhold, Mr. and Mrs. George McClure, Rep. and Mrs. Lute Murrow, Frank Eckles, and Mrs. Dorothy Rauh.

Selected as alternates were Merle Leslie, Mrs. Drake Bingham, Walter Bishop, Don Gourley, Mrs. Maude Drake Bingham, Bill McGinley, Ben Leslie, and Mr. and Mrs. Basil Wardrop.
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Yes We Can!

We are family!
Yes We Can ... Be anything we want or dream to be if we work hard; have a positive outlook and are NOT intimidated by those who stoop to use fear tactics to control others.

Yes We Can ... Think for ourselves -- Make our own decisions without being brainwashed by special interests and others who want to tell us how to think.

Yes We Can ... Unite together as a Diplomatic & Democratic Family to energize our passions and our strengths.

Yes We Can ... Accomplish our dreams and goals for which we stand. AND... Take our energy, our passion, our strength and do all we can to come together as a United family to preserve our heritage and freedoms.

Milestones were reached earlier this week that showed us there are "NO Limits" to our dreams -- "NO Barriers" that are too great and can NOT be shattered if we keep a positive outlook -- Come together as a Diplomatic & Democratic unified Family! -- We are family!
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