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Grandpa's 1912 Model T Torpedo Roadster, Alva, Woods, OK

Grandma's Penny Postcards of Yesterdays

The "Menu" (on the right) and the "Okie Menu" and "Site Map" Links will take you to the legacy and history pages of Northwest Oklahoma, which includes the history of the Castle On the Hill (Northwestern State Normal School), Old Albums of the Ranger yearbooks, 1920 Alva High yearbook, Old newspapers from Northwest Oklahoma, Edith & Carmen (Oklahoma) and Northwest Oklahoma's own "Pilgrim Bard (Scott Cummins)" writings from the 19th century. We have also included some history of the "Battle of Droop Mountain" in West Virginia.

There is an old 1909 guestbook of the "Alva Rest Room," which was kept by the women of Alva for people who arrived from out of town and surrounding areas in northwest Oklahoma. It was a place for out of town shoppers to rest after the long journey to town.