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This Warwick family is of English ancestry. The name is found in records as Warwick, Warick, Warrick, Worack, Worrack, Worick, Worrick, Warnock, Wirick and Wyrick.

The first mention of John Warwick is Augusta County, Virginia records is on August 20, 1748 when John Warnock makes oath he was not in the county on June 10, 1747.

In 1748 there is a record of Jno. Warwick as being twice charged for taxes. A record dated November 25, 1755 shows that John Warnock has removed out of the county. However, on March 21, 1759, James Gay leases land on the Calf Pasture from Jno. Warrick. October 21, 1754 James Gay and Jenot Warrick are witnesses to the will of Robert Means.

It is possible that this John Warwick was a brother to William Warwick, since William Warwick had obtained land on the Calf Pasture River before 1748. Surveys had been made for William Warwick prior to November 27, 1753. In reply to a bill filed April 23, 1798 regarding the estate of Carter Braxton filed by his widow, Elizabeth Braxton, William Warwick stated he purchased land from William and George Penn, Jr. This land was in Goochland (Amherst).

Family tradition states that four Warwick brothers came to America from England - James, John, Jacob and William Warwick. However, this has not been confirmed. Many historians state a Lt. Warwick (name given as John, William and Jacob) came to Augusta County, Virginia from Williamsburg, James City County, Virginia as a surveyor about 1730. He is said to have come originally from England and was employed by the British Crown as a surveyor. However, no reference to a Warwick surveyor has been found in the Augusta County records.

William Warwick -- came to Augusta County, Virginia about 1730-1740. He is said to have married Elizabeth Dunlap of Middlebrook, Augusta County, Virginia, a daughter of Alexander Dunlap and a sister of Captain Alexander Dunlap who married Anne McFarland.

It is said that William Warwick returned to England for a visit. He was never heard from after his departure, and being given up for dead, his widow married in 1779 to Andrew Sitlington. Some records have William Warwick's death as 1764. Andrew Sitlington died April 15, 1804 in his 85th year in Bath County, Virginia. His widow, Elizabeth, was still living December 3, 1805 when she testified regarding the will of Andrew Sitlington. (Records in the Clerk's office, Augusta County, Virginia). William Warwick served in the Colonial Wars. He is listed as a private in the roll of Captain George Wilson's Company, August 11, 1756. (A History of Highland County, Virginia, Oren F. Morton, pg 192).

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