Gene's Legacy

Letter to Bob "Bud"

27 Mar. 1940, Wichita, KS --

Dear Bud,

Guess after that night - letter, which I'll admit was a bit diversified in contents, I better write a little bit to clarify the contents of same.

About being married, I reckon I am and very well satisfied with it too. I wish that you could have been down here to brace my knees, but we didn't want to wait till school was out.

We came up to Wichita and are going to go on out to Raton, N. Mex. Thought we'd drop in on Dave & Dorothy Jane for a couple of days. Then back home. Vada's going to finish this semester then we're going to move to the Ranch

I plan on coming to Lexington before school is out. Doolin told me that if his school was out before your's he'd like to come with me.

Let me know when you're to get out and I'll let Doolin know. I figured maybe you might be planning on going home before you went to camp, (Doolin still wants to try and get to the same camp). If I could get a couple of those old mares we'd buy a two horse trailor and take them home. You could buy a roundtrip ticket from home to camp and it would work out pretty good. Let me know.


P.S. After reading this thing over I'm not real sure whether I clarified anything or not. If it's still muddled, write me out a list of questions and I'll answer them. Yes, or No.

[This letter was written 3 days after Gene & Vada got married, Mar 24, 1940.]

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