Oklahoma Mysteries

Unsolved Mysterious Murders of NW Oklahoma

Old Opera House Murder - Alva' First Homicide - 9 November 1910 [Nelson L. Miller vs. State of Oklahoma, Death of Mabel Oakes]

Old Avard Road Unsolved Mystery - Mildred Ann (Newlin) Reynolds' Death, Tuesday, 13 March 1956, 1:40 p.m.

If you look deep into any community anywhere over the last decade or so, you will find some interesting mysteries. Some unsolved and some solved to some extent. This NW Okie did some sigging through old newspaper archives and court records and found the following mysteries in Northwest Oklahoma.

The first mystery takes us back to the November, 1910 Old Opera House Murder in downtown Alva, Woods, Oklahoma, where Mable Oakes was found dead in the backroom of the Old Opera House. Justice Nelson Miller was put on trial for the alleged murder, but was it murder?

The second mystery takes us back to 1956 with the unsolved, cold-case death of Ann Reynolds, south of Alva, Woods, Oklahoma when she died in a fiery auto accident on the Old Avard Road as she was traveling from Alva to Avard in the early afternoon.

The second mystery leaves us with many speculations of what might have occurred, but with so many years gone by, and witnesses that have deceased. An interesting unsolved cold-case mystery that could use the help of Sherlock Holmes. That is for sure!