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                             Volume 19, Issue 1 -- 2017-01-14                     

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NW Okie's Journey

I remember the Reagan era presidency of the 1980s over 30 years ago)? You know, the "trickle down," "Reaganomics" that did not trickle down and caused the market crash of 1987? We as American citizens went from a "B" movie star in the 1980s to a "B" reality star in the 21st century 2016! What has our democracy come to? What are we going to do about it? Fall into a deep sleep ... Or ... organize the grassroots (locally thru county, district, state to federal) to resist the "trump tyranny?"

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Battle of Cowpens (January 17, 1781)

In the early morning of January 17, 1781, in South Carolina, American troops under Brigadier General Daniel Morgan defeated a force under British Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton in one of the more decisive victories for the Americans in the south during the Revolutionary War.

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President Jefferson (March 4, 1801)

Here is another presidential inauguration that occurred in March 1801 that was described in the Daily Milwaukee News, dated 12 March 1869, Friday, page 2, concerning Thomas Jefferson.

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Sweet Silly Spunky Sadie

Remember when precinct meetings drew largest crowds in history for Democratic party in the 1960s, especially in Oklahoma? Why can't we do that again? What can we do to accomplish that? Was this about the same time the rural communities, precincts in Oklahoma was awaken to have their voices heard over the larger cities?

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1781 Battle of Cowpens, Scene In the Revolution

Do you remember your high school history classes? Did they ever teach us the "why" and "what" and "where" concerning the "Battle of Cowpens?" I don't believe they ever did in my small rural Oklahoma high school. Did they in yours?

Here is the story of the Battle of Cowpens as written in 1843 April 8, The Columbia Democrat, Bloomsburg, PA, page 1:

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Presidential Inauguration & 20th Amendment (1930s)

Prior to the passage of the twentieth amendment in the early 1930a, inauguration day was always March 4, the anniversary of the Constitution first taking affect in 1789. The twentieth amendment changed the date of inauguration day to January 20, unless that falls on a Sunday, in which case the date is moved to January 21. The following is taken from The Times, San Mateo, California, 9 Jan 1937, Saturday, page 16:

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Have you looked at the Warbler's? There is some resemblance to one of the Warbler variety that I have been leaning towards. David leans more towards the Song Sparrow, though! Anyone else out there with an identity towards our mystery bird? Drop us a comment here!
 ~NW Okie regarding Okie's story from Vol. 11 Iss. 15 titled UNTITLED

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First U.S. Presidential Inauguration of January 20th

In 1937, Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first president to be inaugurated on January 20. Previous presidents (including FDR for his first term) had traditionally been inaugurated on March 4, but the 20th Amendment, passed in 1933, stipulated a January 20 inauguration.

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George Washington's Inauguration (April 30, 1789)

Let us look back at the Presidential inaugurations of the past decades where the inauguration took place in April and March, and not in January! We found the following in Daily Milwaukee News,, dated 12 March 1869, Friday, page 2:

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