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Duchess Mtn Spring Domain

Vol 12, Iss 14 Does anyone out there remember when Sand Plums ripen?

It seems like it is around the last of June or first of July when the sand plums are ready for picking, but I could be wrong on that. I am only a Pug Dog, you know!

If anyone from Kansas or Oklahoma knows for sure when sand plums ripen for the pickin', please inform us! The Prairie Connection would also like to have your sand plum recipes, stories, etc... for a future issue in The Prairie Connection. Contact: Rosalea Hostetler at Email: with your sand plum recipes and stories.

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Nescatunga, Comanche County, Kansas

Vol 15, Iss 6 Nescatunga, Kansas - Nescatunga was located in Comanche county, Kansas, at Latitude 371415N, Longitude 0991307W. It was the second town in the county. Nescatunga had a good location, none not even its enemies would deny. The following information was found in the Nescatunga Enterprise, published in 1886, Coldwater, Comanche county, Kansas.

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Request For Sand Plum Jelly & Other Recipes

Vol 12, Iss 14 The Prairie Connection (Email: through Rosalea Hostetler is requesting, "Sand Plum Jelly and other recipes to feature in the near future issue of the Prairie Connection.

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NW Okie's Journey

Vol 1, Iss 7 NW OK - It was Thursday, August 5, 1999, that NW Okie wrote this piece concerning the "Dog Days of Summer" in Northwest Oklahoma.

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Oklahoma Wild Sand Plums

Vol 12, Iss 42 Oklahoma - How many have driven out in the country in search of wild sand plums? We found this Oklahoma Wild Sand Plums video that takes you through the search fro wild sand plums through the process of making sand plum jams/jellies. You can view it over at okieprepper's site.

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Strickland/Horner Airport & Flying School.. [more]...
 ~Jim Bradley regarding Okie's story from Vol. 7 Iss. 52 titled UNTITLED

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Bent Canyon North of Woodward, OK

Vol 13, Iss 23 Benton Canyon, Woodward, Oklahoma - Jack Rutledge is searching for the origin of "Bent Canyon" near Woodward, Oklahoma. In an OkieLegacy Ezine Comment concerning Oklahoma Wild Sand Plums (though it does not related to sand plums at all) Jack says, "About 10 miles north of Woodward is a large and well-watered canyon with local name "Bent Canyon." I suspect it is named for the Bent brothers who traded in Kansas, Colorado and Indian Territory in the mid 1800's, but I have no proof."

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Sand Plum Jelly Recipe

Vol 12, Iss 24 Oklahoma - It is June! Sand Plums are ripening in Oklahoma now! We did a search back through our OkieLegacy archives and found this recipe for Sand Plum Jelly that we received from a lady a few years ago. My mother (Vada Paris McGill) used semi-ripened sand plums along with ripened plums which gave an excellence blend of tart, sweet to the jelly.

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