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                             Volume 1, Issue 1 -- 1999-01-01                     

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John James & Mary (Markvicka) Hurt

Johann James & Mary (Markvicka) HURT

My search for the HURT surname began Memorial Day 1997. I was visiting a small, rural cemetery (Orion) just north and east of Chester (a.k.a. Tailholt), Oklahoma, in Major County.

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Anton & Louise Hurt & Family

[The following letter and photo came from Linda Hurt, Missouri.]

Hi everyone! -- Dineal and I got together with the family on the Fourth at her mother's home. Mom's birthday is on the Fourth, also. I had been wanting to get to her house with my laptop computer and portable scanner ever since I got them in April! Well the wait paid off, because she had pictures that she didn't know she had and I am sending along the one that I believe Dineal and I agreed was the 'find of the day'.

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Descendants of Daniel Clayton Hurt

From left to right: (Children of Daniel Clayton Hurt & Betty Jane McCracken) ---- Dale, Dwaine, Randy, Jerry and Dineal.

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Hurt Migration To Nebraska (Czechoslavkia)

"The fellow on the far left is Jerry Joseph HURT (Garislaw). Two of the fellows look like the two in the wedding picture. After looking at the ages of the HURT men in Nebraska, it could be Vaclav, Frank (Jerry's brother), Anton Charles or even Joseph P. ??"

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88th Birthday & Reunion

21 February 1999 - Dolly Barr submitted a little bit of HURT family history. Do you have any stories that you would like to share? Dolly, her brother, sisters and families had a wonderful time at their "Mother's 88th Birthday party" last weekend in Elk City, Oklahoma at the Holidome.

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Frank James HURT Lineage

Generation No. 1
1. FRANK J.3 HURT (John JAMES2, ??1) was born May 1872 in Chesamf, Bohemia, and died Abt. 1943 in Chester, Major County, Oklahoma. He married Magdaline SZKUDLAREK (Maggie) February 11, 1890 in St. Anthony Church, Posen, NE, daughter of Mike SZKUDLAREK and Mary COLUMNBISKI.

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Rod and others out there.. [more]...
 ~NW Okie (a.k.a. Linda Wagner) regarding Okie's story from Vol. 7 Iss. 49 titled UNTITLED

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Anton & Eloize Hurt

Wedding Picture - (courtesy of Linda Hurt) - Jerry Joseph HURT (age 24) and Anna Slavicek (age 16). They were married 11 May 1897. Jerry Joseph's parents were Anton and Eloize Hurt.

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The Bukowski History

The following information on the Bukowski-Hurt was submitted by Alice Shook via her granddaughter. It should give you a feel for the lifestyle and hardships that the pioneers went through during that time. To see more Histgory go to Kachel History.

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