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Volume 10, Issue 21 -- 2008-05-25

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Thank you for posting the picture of John Cope Louthan [more]...
 ~Patricia (Jaide) Mills regarding Okie's story from Vol. 10 Iss. 47 titled UNTITLED

Yep! The house on the NW corner of 7th & Church, as far as I can remember was NEVER the Presbytarian Manse [more]...
 ~LK Wagner regarding Okie's story from Vol. 7 Iss. 14 titled UNTITLED

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From Tornadoes To Snow

Some of us have been panting like a short-nosed Pug in this warm, humid Oklahoma Spring climate. Other two legged creatures have experienced the itchy eye syndromes of the weed/tree pollens that are high around northwest Oklahoma this time of year.

It was early last Monday, May 19, that we left the cool, dry air of SW Colorado and headed East towards NW Oklahoma. Arriving in Alva early that same evening after about 12 hours of driving following hwy 160 through Colorado, Kansas and picking up hwy 34 to the eastside of Buffalo, OK and catching Hwy 64 on into Alva, OK.

While this NW Okie was in Alva this week, a lady I asked me while we were taking our evening meal at the Alva Bowl Cafe, if I had run across anything on a 1924 fire at Whitehorse, Oklahoma that killed a person.

If anyone out there has any information or memories of this Whitehorse fire of '24, please contact NW Okie at or Helen Barrett at the Alva Review Courier. Thanks for any help that might shed some light on this story!

Towards mid-week, little did we know that strong winds would hit through Northwest Oklahoma and scattered tree limbs and destroy farm sheds a few days before the Tornadoes kept the Oklahoma weathermen busy broadcasting warnings and pictures of wall clouds spotted around Kingfisher county, Hennessey and headed NE up through the Southeast parts of Garfield County, near Enid, OK.

Roy sent us some storm information from around the Perry, OK area that occurred Saturday, May 24 and into the earlier morning hours.

We did get about 9-tenths inch of rain out at Fairvalley, OK Thursday night. Haven't checked the rain gauge since then, though.

It is about that time of year, though, isn't it? The golden shades of Wheat are just beginning to appear as it begins its ripening journey towards "Harvest Time" in these parts. The pastures have taken on a nice coat of lucious, thick green tint with the moisture they have received around here.

Meanwhile... back in the SW Colorado Rockies, in the higher elevations, they have received 4 to 7 inches of snow. Some mountain friends sent me a snapshot of the May 24, 2008 snowfall that occurred.
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1946-47 W B. Hull vs. State (Criminal Case #3442)

While we are in NW Oklahoma, I did some research down in the basement of the Woods County courthouse earlier this week to see what I could find out about the 1947 W. B. Hull vs. State Criminal Case.

A few weeks ago we talked, shared an old criminal case #1091 subpoena showing a list of people subpoena to testify in the Hull vs. State case. A few of those listed were Gene McGill, Marion Gardner, Nels Nelson, and others.

What I found out at Woods County's courthouse basement dated back to December 23, 1946, but the case number was 3442 instead of 1091. Not sure why the subpoena was numbered 1091 and the court records were numbered 3442, though.

Anyway... In the W. B. "Bertie" Hull vs. State, defendant Hull waives formal arraignment on December 23, 1946 as well as the reading of the complaint. Hull pleaded Not Guilty and his bail was set $2,000.

The preliminary was original set for January 2, 1947, 10:00 a.m., but when that date came around, it (the case 3442) was continued to January 18, 1947.

On the Criminal Appearance Docket for December 22, 1946 it showed that Ken W. Greer arrested W. B. Hull. The records showed that on January 18, 1947 there was a transcript of the the testimony of McGill and Nels Nelson.

As the testimony goes... Hull allegedly shot four times at Gene McGill's airplane back in December 22, 1946 when Gene McGill and Marion Gardner were flying low to ground hunting coyotes.

We have heard rumors & stories that Gene scattered Hull's cattle and Hull took a shot at Gene's light airplane. We have also heard that Marion Gardner and Hull were not on the friendliest terms... more towards the feuding kind of neighbors.

Was it intent to kill or just an assault with a deadly weapon? AND... why did the 1947 subpeona have a different case number (#1091) instead of the criminal case #3442 that we found on the following court records in the basement of the courthouse?

You can read the news clipping that I found on old microfilm for the Alva Review Courier, December, 1946 and January, 1947. I have stuck them in the "Mailbag Section below.
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1947 Movies In OKC, OK

These are some of the movies that were playing down in Oklahoma City in January, 1947, that we found in the Daily Okalhoma, dated January, 1947.

We will start out with some of the movies that we remember hearing about and some we have never heard about: Anna and the King of Siam, If I'm Lucky, The Bride Wore Boots, Tokyo Rose, From This Day Forward, The Corn Is Green, Thunderhead, The Jolson Story, Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman, Angel On My Shoulder, My Darling clementine with Henry Fonda and Linda Darnell.

AND... don't let us forget Walt Disney's first live-action musical drama, Song of the South that appeared in technicolor. It included animated tales of Uncle Remus.

There are lots and lots more movie titles mentioned in the image. Just click on the image to the left. There is even a Roy Rogers and other western movies mentioned. Some of the movies mentioned were before this NW Okie's time. Maybe they will ring a bell with someone else out there.
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Hurt Family Heritage

"I am interested in the Hurt Family Heritage. This is the best sight ever! Lillian Hurt - Hattie Kolar was my grandmother (my mother was Helen Kolar). My brother found the sight and we both find it very interesting." -- Linda Luther - Email:
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Samuel Andrew McGill & His Daughter Cora

"Cora is my grandmother and I would dearly love to have more information and a childhood photo of her - I have one as a young woman and as a grandmother. I have one of her father as a young man.' -- Leona Pettit - Email: - Samuel Andrew McGill & His Daughter, Cora
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SW Colorado Mtn Weather - Snow

"As of 8:30 this morning, it was snowing heavily and I measured from 4" of snow in the driveway to 7" of snow on the slope, north of the house, up to the TV dish. The sun came out for awhile at 9:45 am, but it's now cloudy again. I tried to send the following last night, but kept losing internet connection because of heavy wet snow on dish and didn't want to dress sufficiently to go out and clear it off.

We've had another day of rain, graupel, slush and snow. It snowed enough to accumulate an inch before it started melting and the pluviometer measured a quarter inch of moisture. I've had a good fire going all day." -- SBW
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Rain & Gas Prices in Perry, OK

"My rain gauge here at home has shown 1.2" since the storms that hit this week, and our gas prices dropped to $3.30.9 just before being raised to $3.75.9 for this Memorial Day weekend. I should have gotten my lawn-mower gas Wednesday. Now I'll wait 'til the middle of next week to see if (hopefully) it'll drop again.

Saturday, 6:30 p.m... I've been watching hail falling into my front yard and there are tornado's dancing around south of here at this moment (and they are expected to continue for another few hours. The wind is calm here now and the lightning has slowed. I hear storm sirens sounding somewhere.

Early morning, 25 May 2008... So far as I know, there was no immediate damage to me or mine, but I just about jumped out of my skin when I went outside to adjust an antenna and a sudden huge lightning bolt must have hit within 1/2 mile along with a LARGE thunderclap. Totally unexpected. I thought the storm had already passed.

I rushed back inside and then there was another nearby bolt of lightning and thunder followed by a sudden increase in wind velocity. Five minutes later it was all calm again, but the weather chasers (I was also listening to the 'ham' weather watchers and other 'spotters' on a police scanner) said there was a small twister on the ground for a few minutes on highway 86 south of here.

Since I too have been trained as a weather-watcher and was one for a few years about 20 odd years ago, I tend to remain quite calm when these things are 'dancing' around. Incidentally, I only saw nickel-size hail (twice) at my house this time so there was probably no nearby violence in the weather (within a few blocks from my house). We don't have much to worry about unless the hail is golf-ball size or larger.

I haven't re-checked my rain gauge but know that we had some flooded streets for awhile. I envy you having a few inches of snow this late in the season. That would slow down my grass and weed problem some if it happened here." -- Roy K
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Memorial Day In Oklahoma

We are in the process of taking down Kenneth Updike's stories and ramblings of "Growing Up In Oklahoma" because Kenneth asked us, "To remove all of my previous writings to you about my Ramblins. Personal stories that I told you and your readers. My Son has had all of my writings, and notes copyrighted so that we can put them in a book or booklet. His idea. I really have no objections to this, but he insists we can be viewed by more people. I leave it up to him. Thanks for your help in the past, and I still read your Okie Legacy nearly every week."

If you find some of Kenneth's Ramblings that I have missed, Please email me the link with Vol. and Iss. numbers so that this NW Okie can remove them. Thanks for your help!
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Blast From Past

"Hi, Linda. I am your cousin Patti (Paris) Brenn. I received an e-mail from a friend of mine that included the obit for Aunt Gwen from the Okielegacy site (Paris Photo Album). I was thankful that she sent it to me because I was not aware that she passed away. The card party going on "up-there" should be quite a sight to behold.

When I was looking at one of your websites, I recognized the slide show as being some of the slides that mom left with you or Amber several years ago at one of the cousin reunions. I was so pleased to see them again. The one of Uncle Willard holding the naked chicken butt made me laugh right out loud. I remember that pictures from years ago." -- Patti
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Ken's Growing Up In Oklahoma

"We have greatly enjoyed Kenneth Updike's stories of earlier days. The one about getting his arm in the washing machine wringers hit close to home since I did the same thing when I was pre-school. My arm was "in" past the elbow and Mother could not get the wringers to release, so finally she reversed them and rolled me back out. After that, I wasn't quite so anxious to help." -- Anonymous -OkieLegacy comment
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1944 Coyote Hunters

"Down Cherokee way coyote hunting was one of the two novel uses for light aircraft. I remember from my childhood in the 1940s. The other was Sunday morning delivery of the Sunday Oklahoman. The airplane would fly low over the house, and drop the paper in the driveway.

You will remember that the Gaylord family had a fully integrated news operation in Oklahoma City. They owned the Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times, WKY radio and WKY TV. Their Mistletoe Express delivered papers statewide. So it's no surprise that the comics were read on the radio every Sunday morning.

Radio announcers at WKY were considered part of show business, so they each had a stage name. The guy who read the Sunday funnies had a uniquely memorable and elegant name -- Wakefield Holley." -- Al Weigand - 1944 Coyote Hunters
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Lenticular Clouds Over Durango CO

"These clouds are lenticular clouds; since they look similar to a lens. As an aviator (Navigator) we were taught to look for the tell tale shape and to avoid because of the turbulence which they indicate is present. Just thought that a comment was in order that would "second" this note." -- Jim Bradley, Retired USAF, Navigator/Electronic Warfare Officer Clouds Over Durango CO
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1947 - China Manufacturing Plant To Alva

January, 1947 - Agreement Made on Plant Here (Alva) Also in January 20, 1947 there was an agreement made on a plant proposal. It was a tenative agreement, reached the saturday, Jan. 18, 1947, in the afternoon by S. R. Taylor, Cambridge, Mass. and a committee of the Chamber of Commerce to bring a china dinnerware manufacturing plant to Alva.

Taylor was to tae the agreement, including blueprints of two proposed sites for the plant to Cambridge where it will be submitted to his attorneys and to ceramic engineers for approval.

If and when the project is approved, those interested in Alva will be given time to raise the money and start erecting a building to house the plant, which is part of the agreement.

Taylor has offered to invest$75,000 of his own money, with residents of Alva to invest a like amount, and furnish a suitable building and a site. The proposed building will have 50,000 square feet space.

Citizens of Alva will be asked to match $75,000 of Taylor's money. Taylor heads the Sheifield China Company.

Lee Woodward, Bill Hackett and Harry Coffman, Alva businessmen who visited a manufacturing plant in Salem, Ohio told the group what it looked like and how it operated.

In response to the question "why locate in Alva," Taylor said that all industry is decentralizing as much as possibly; that more dependable help should be available in this area; there would be less probability of union problems; and it would be closer to new markets he wants to secure.

Cheaper fuel rates were also listed as an inducement, although Taylor pointed out he just, "happened to be directed here." and that any place in the area would have the same possibility. -- Alva Review Courier, January 20, 1947
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Jan., 1947 - John Lang is Dead

January, 1947 - John Lang is Dead; Services Not Announced

"John Conrad Lang died at his home in Dacoma about noon Saturday at the age of 76. He was born in Kahoba, Missouri on December 13, 1870, and had farmed in this area for the past 48 years.

He is survived by his widow Mrs. Ida Lang; sons, Roy Lang, Carl Lang and Chester Lang, all of Dacoma. Earl Lang of Bend, Oregon and Alvin Lang of Portland, Oregon; and three daughters, Mrs. Esther Polson of Dacoma, Mrs. Ella Shields of Kansas City, Missouri, and Ruth Lang of Dacoma.

I addition are is brothers, Fred Lang, Otto Lang, Henry Lang, all of Sylvia, Kansas; Albert Lang of Hutchinson, Kansas; Edward Lang of Pasadenal, California; Phillip Lang of fowler, Kansas and William Lang of Hutchinson, Kansas; Sisters, Mrs. Amelia Banchfield, Hutchinson, KS and Mrs. Laura Mitchell of Sylvia, KS.

Stiles-Howerton Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements." -- Alva Review courier January 20, 1947
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1947 - Mother & Infant Burned

1947 - Mother & Infant Burned - Fire Destroys Home.

"Mrs. Keith Burnham, 20, and her year old baby daughter suffered severe burns when their farm residence fifteen miles northwest of Freedom was destroyed by fire Friday afternoon.

Mrs. Burnham has second and third degrees burns on her face, arms and back while the infant was burned on the face and head, but less seriously than the mother.

A young son was in the house at the time of the fire but escaped uninjured, it was reported.

It was believed that a stove in the house exploded, starting the fire. The young son was protected by furniture between him and the stove and managed to get out of the house.

The home was nearly was totally destroyed. It is located in a remote part of the county.

The husband was attending a sale in Alva at the time of the fire. They are patients in the Freedom hospital." -- Alva Review courier January 20, 1947
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1947 - Alva Chamber of Commerce President

1947 - Gully Middaugh was elected as the new President of the Alva Chamber of Commerce, in Alva, Oklahoma.

G. P. "Gully" Middaugh is the president of the Alva Chamber of Commerce for this year (1947). He was elected by the board of directors in a session held Saturday.

Babe Parks is the new vice-president and and Edna Donley is the new treasurer. Election of a secretary-manager will be done at a later date officials of the Chamber of Commerce announced. Neil Blumberg is is the present secretary.

Middaugh was a member of the board of directors of the organization last year and is well known as a civic worker.

Manager of the Alva office of the Oklahoma Gas & Electric company, has taken an active part in all civic property. Middaugh is a member of Rotary. He succeeds Harry Coffman as president of the organization and is expected to preside at the annual membership dinner to be held Thursday night." -- Alva Review courier January 20, 1947
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1947 - Uncle Alvin Paris' New Office Space

"Alvin Paris has established his offices in the Bell Hotel building. Paris has a general insurance agency and announced he had secured the office space "for the convenience of his friends." The office was formerly occupied by the United States Employment Service. -- Alva Review courier, Alva, OK, Monday January 20, 1947
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1947 Case #3442 - W. B. Hull vs. State

Dec. 23, 1946... The following was in the Alva Review Courier, dated December 23, 1946, Monday, Alva, OK, with this big frontpage headline: Anti-Aircraft Fire Draws Legal Action

"W. B. Hull, rancher who lives southwest of Alva was free on $2,000 bond today, the result of charges filed after it's alleged "anti-aircraft" fire put three holes in an airplane flown by Merle McGill Sunday.

McGill, rancher who lives in the same area, and J. T. Gardner, another rancher of that community who was a passenger in the light plane, landed at the Municipal airport here and filed charges of assault with intent to kill against Hull.

McGill and Gardner told officers they were fired on while hunting coyotes from the low flying airplane 15 miles southwest of Alva. The practice of hunting coyotes from small planes has become common in Oklahoma during the past few years.

The plane had a bullet hole in each wing and one in the cockpit. Gardner said the bullet which went through the cockpit narrowly missed him.

Hull, 54, was arrested shortly after the shooting by the sheriff's force and the highway patrol detachment. Preliminary hearing for Hull was scheduled for January 2, 1947. McGill is a former president of the famous Playing Farmers of Oklahoma association."

In the January 2, 1947, Thursday, Alva, OK, Alva Review Courier the frontpage headlines read: Hull Hearing Is Continued. Case Reset For January 18.

Preliminary hearing for W. B. Hull, charged with assault with intent to kill, as the result of allegedly firing at a small airplane, was continued this morning to January 18, 1947. The hearing was scheduled before J. J. Glaser county Judge.

Hull was charged on the complaint of Merle McGill and Marion Gardner. All three three are ranchers living southwest of Alva.

The case is the outgrowth of Hull's allegedly firing at McGill and Gardner as they flew low over his property. They told officers they were hunting coyotes."

Jan. 20, 1947... On January 20, '47 this news article appeared in the same local paper:

On January 20, 1947 the same local newspaper run this frontpage headlines which read: Hull Held for Trial In Plane-Shooting Case

"Woods County's 'anti-aircraft' firing case drew a full house of interested and curious spectators Saturday morning as W. B. Hull, Alva rancher, was bound over to district court for trial on a charge of assault with a dangerous and deadly weapon.

The preliminary hearing was on a charge of assault with intent to kill, filed after Hull allegedly fired at an airplane piloted by Merle (Gene) McGill with Marion Gardner as a passenger, they are also ranchers and neighbors of Hull's living southwest of Alva. Hull was released on bond of $1,000.

Two Witnesses
McGill and Nels Nelson, deputy sheriff, were the only witnesses at the hearing, before J. J. Glaser, county judge.

McGill told the story of a coyote hunt undertaken the morning of Decmeber 22, 1946, with Gardner as a passenger in his light airplane.

McGill told of being shot at four times, three bullets striking his airplane. He said one of the bullets missed Gardner by six inches and another narrowly missed the gas tank of the plane. He identified Hull as the man who fired the shots.

Defense counsel conducted an over all details of the flight and what happened during and after the alleged shooting.

Nelson then told of the arrest of Hull, and of examining the field in which Hull allegedly stood at the time he fired at the plane.

The defense offered no testimony. Judge Glaser then called counsel to the bench and said he would bond Hull over on a charge of "assault with a dangerous and deadly weapon," instead of "assault with intent to kill."

The Judge said that the penalty under which Hull as held over, trial carries a sentence of up to five years on conviction."
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