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Volume 8, Issue 38 -- 2006-09-23

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Charlie Beard's Story & Sheepherders Shack (submitted by Francis R [more]...
 ~NW Okie regarding Okie's story from Vol. 9 Iss. 10 titled UNTITLED

Eva, thank you so much for telling me exactly where this well is located or the water flow comes out [more]...
 ~Jan Carver regarding Okie's story from Vol. 8 Iss. 20 titled UNTITLED

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Sleeping Dogs Lie

As you settle on this weeks newsletter, a work in progress, this Saturday, September 23, the official 1st day of Fall 2006, you will see the sleeping dogs snuggled in their chairs while that NW Okie is out galavanting around in the higher elevations of southwest Colorado gathering some golden hues of Autumn at its peak. We shall be back later.

We are back from our Fall foliage tour of southwest Colorado where we were looking for "Gold in Them Thar' Hills." Those sleeping dogs slept in the backseat of the auto on the last leg of the journey. Bear with us while we work late into the evening to finish this weeks newsletter. Thanks!
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SW Colorado - Gold In Them Thar' Hills

We began our southwest Colorado Fall foliage tour on the first day of Fall, early morning after getting our chores done -- leaving the valley south of Bayfield towards Durango.

We took hwy 160 into Durango and caught hwy 550 towards Molass Pass -- catching a few autumn/winter photo shots along the way before we turned around and headed back to Durango. Not ready to head home yet, we continued our journey west on hwy 160 to Dolores -- catching the hwy jcts to Placerville, Ridgway, and Ouray, Colorado.

It was probably around 4:30 p.m. or so when we left Ouray, Colorado and headed up hwy 550 to Silverton, Molass Pass, Coal Bank Pass and driving through a slight flurry of snowflakes after leaving Silverton. By the time we reached Durango, Colorado again our digital clock was reading 6:55 p.m. MDT.

It was beautiful seeing the snow scenes on the mountains and spots of sun-glistening, golden/reddish aspen leaves strewn amongst the green and white mountain backdrops. It was a heavenly sight! Well worth the all day trip!

We will stick the "Gold in them thar' hills" (Fall foliage pictures) in our Vallecito webshots to share with you all!
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Wind, Rain & Snow

With Fall 2006 starting at 10:03 p.m., Friday evening this year, we were recovering from a strong afternoon wind that uprooted a dead Pinon tree just south of our adobe (9/20/2006).

As you can tell by the photo to the left. The wind did not even topple the light weight umbrella stand to the ground, though.

Shortly after the strong winds, we received another half inch of rain plus cooler temperatures and more snow in the higher elevations above 9000 feet, Thursday and Friday.

We hear from some that the farmers back in Oklahoma have been dusting in their wheat crops and experiencing a dust bowl of 2006. Helen Barrett had a great, short piece, photo in the local newspaper (Alva Review Courier), 9/21/2006, entitled: Dust Bowl '06.
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Other Tidbits

We have had some corrections by a couple of McGill Sisters this week concerning the 1947 photo that was in last weeks newsletter. The photo was taken at the Warwick/McGill ranch house on hwy 11, north of Waynoka, Oklahoma.

To clarify some other things... Uncle Bob McGill married Felicia Monfort in 1950; the little blond child in the middle looks to be almost 2-years and a boy. Connie Jean McGill (on left) would have been about 4-years and Dorthy McGill (on right) would have been about 3-years. AND... a reminder that Max Devine is the young boy down front. AND... Could that little blond boy and the taller girl (next to Dorthy) be related?

We hear from those in Oklahoma that gas prices around El Reno have dropped to $2.09 for regular unleaded. Southwest Colorado gas prices in Bayfield, Colorado this week dropped another 10-cents to $2.749 earlier this week. BUT... we are still higher on our gas prices than those we have been hearing about in Oklahoma. While in Durango, Colorado this Saturday, we spotted the lowest price for regular unleaded gas going for $2.709.

Finally!... Did anyone out there watch the OU Sooners v. Oregon Ducks college football game last weekend? That game should have been OU Sooners because of bad officiating. According to what Yahoo! Sports reported and quoted Pac-10 Commissioner, Tom Hansen, as saying, "Errors clearly were made and not corrected, and for that we apologize to the University of Oklahoma, coach Bob Stoops and his players. They played an outstanding college football game, as did Oregon, and it is regrettable that the outcome of the contest was affected by the officiating." READ MORE of that article at this link: Pac-10 suspends officials for one game - NCAAF - Yahoo! Sports.

Do you have any thoughts or opinions you would like to share in The Dogs Blog concerning the BAD officiating in the OU v. OU college football game last weekend?
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Hurt, Wasielewski & Newtowc/Nutowc

"I was going down the list of names on Google for NEWTOFF and I came across your website (OkieLegacy, Vol. 6, Iss. 50). As far as I can tell, I believe I was always told our name was changed from NUTOWC. My father's name is James and his father's name is James (Anton) NEWTOFF. My father says that it was change from NUTOWC to NEWTOFF when my Grandfather came here from Poland? I wonder how they were related maybe brothers or cousins. Thanks for the info." -- Dan Newtoff -

[Editor's Note: OkieLegacy newsletter, Vol. 6, Iss. 50. "The Wasielewski that married Mary Hurt Wasielewski was John. He died in 1905 and Mary remarried in 1907 to Stanley Stephen Nutowc (later Newtoff). Descendants are spread from Oregon to Chicago to Farewell, Nebraska and Omaha. She had one daughter who went to Fairview, Oklahoma about 1911. This was Sophie WASIELEWSKI GOULD. She married Earl GOULD and they lived in Ponca City, Oklahoma. I am just now catching up here and trying to find descendants of Sophie. I know she had two sons, Albert and Stephen Thomas from her first marriage (actually Tomaskiewicz) and an adopted daughter, Gladys Gould MILLER. Mary Hurt Wasielewski (pdf file)."]
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Halloween Tale From My Ramblin's

We are in the process of taking down Kenneth Updike's stories and ramblings of "Growing Up In Oklahoma" because Kenneth asked us, "To remove all of my previous writings to you about my Ramblins. Personal stories that I told you and your readers. My Son has had all of my writings, and notes copyrighted so that we can put them in a book or booklet. His idea. I really have no objections to this, but he insists we can be viewed by more people. I leave it up to him. Thanks for your help in the past, and I still read your Okie Legacy nearly every week."

If you find some of Kenneth's Ramblings that I have missed, Please email me the link with Vol. and Iss. numbers so that this NW Okie can remove them. Thanks for your help!
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Beautiful, Interesting Stories & Photos

"The beautiful pictures and the many interesting stories are treasures I would not want to miss. Thanks for your sharing it all. I will always appreciate the work you have done for me -and I am so pleased to be acquainted with someone as thoughtful as you. Best wishes and please continue to share you thoughts with the world." -- Ernest
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El Reno (OK) Gas Prices

"I filled up at Love's in El Reno on Tuesday (9/19) and paid $2.09 for regular. I thought I was on my way to heaven with that price."
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Early Perry (OK) Pictures

Submitted to the Perry Daily Journal by Roy Kendrick -- This article on the left is the "First County Probate Judge." Concerning the Probate court of "P" (Noble) county in the Autumn of 1893. Pictured left to right, standing: Joe Doyle; (next 2 gentlemen unknown); J. C. Scruggs, Sheriff (with pistol); S. H. Harris, county attorney (with law book); Seated left to right: R. J. Edwards, Probate Judge; M.C. Latta, court reporter; O. C. Palmer, attorney.

Perry Square of Yesteryear This photo shows Perry, OK in its youth. Perry is county seat of Noble County, Oklahoma during Cherokee Strip land Run, Perry was city of choice for many pioneers. The postcard pictures show the square from early 1900s. The square was located around Noble county courthouse since its conception.

Burdick Article & Lawmen Photo - This photo was taken in front of US Land Office in "Hell's Half Acre," Noble County. Starting with gentlemen in white hat: bill Tilghman (1st city marshal, chief of police); Charles Colcord (Okla. city) and 1st Deputy, Heck Thomas (leaning on Winchester rifle). Other men are land office employees.
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Mountain Pics & Miracles

"You had some especially beautiful photos in your last news letter. The snow on the mountains makes me homesick for something higher than 300-ft above sea level. Weather still in the 90's during the day here, but the nights are beginning to cool off. Oh! Did I mention the Oregon-Oklahoma game? (I just had to say that!) Oregon beating Oklahoma, I might just be beginning to believe in miracles."
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NWOSU's Homecoming - 11/4/2006

"NWOSU's Homecoming is November 4, 2006. Visit for more information."
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Northwestern Homecoming

"Homecoming for NWOSU is Nov 4th weekend. The Rangers will play Texas College at 3:00 p.m. I went to the game yesterday and it was 98 and really windy. Rangers played Southern Nazarene and won 20 to 0. Great game but the weather was miserable."
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The Rest of the Story

Early Days (ca. 1947) NW Oklahoma Children... "One of the girls may be a Faulkner, but one of them is NOT Monet Monfort. The McGill girls did not know any of the Monforts until Felicia married Bob McGill and by then, McGills were living at 703 7th Street in Alva, rather than at the ranch. Monet Monfort was most definitely a town girl."

Big Buck Raids Farmer's Garden... "That is a wonderful picture of that buck (beautiful rack he has) just peering over the patio at the camera/you - just starring back at ha!!!"

Artesian Well East of Alva (OK)... "Pleased to report that the Artesian Well northeast of Cherokee is still alive and kicking! I stopped by there yesterday (9/17) and the water was good and cold! According to the sign, Eddie Brickman drilled it in the 1950's! Yesterday's photo at:"

Colorado pictures... "I am a mountain/Colorado girl myself - love the crisp cool/cold air. I had a chance many many years ago to live at Snowmass/Aspen as a nanny. I went for the weekend & came back to Oklahoma. I didn't find Aspen that pleasing except for the grandeur of the beauty created by God. My favorite times of the year are Fall, Winter & Spring - not a summer person at all. I also enjoyed your story about the hail stuff - you have name for it but can't remember - that was quite interesting & I didn't know such a thing existed."
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