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Volume 10, Issue 51 -- 2008-12-21

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There were actually three Kansas towns named Runnymede, all within a few miles of each other [more]...
 ~Jim Richey regarding Okie's story from Vol. 8 Iss. 4 titled UNTITLED

I am happy to say that the painting by Floris Patterson has found a home with one of her family members. Thanks so much for helping me get the painting to her family. Thanks! Tami Conn
 ~Tami Conn regarding Okie's story from Vol. 7 Iss. 27 titled UNTITLED

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Winter Snow for Christmas '08

We wish you all the best during the Holidays & Merry Christmas to You & Yours! Happy Winter Solstice!

'Twas four days 'til Christmas and all through the land. Shoppers were hustling for those christmas deals while children were semi-nestled in their beds...

AND... last Sunday evening with 1 inch of compacted snow we received another foot of snow by Monday morning. Our McWagner snow gauge was measuring 13 inches by now. BUT... it was compacting as well.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday we accumulated another 4 to 5 inches, BUT... our 13 inches had compacted down to 12 inches into Wednesday evening. Thursday morning we awoke to another inch of snowfall and by now our snow gauge was measuring 13 inches again, at 8 a.m., Thursday. By 10:30 a.m. of the same morning dry powdered snowfall was creeping up between the 14 to 15 inch mark. This last Thursday was a day of low visibility with the strong winds and blowing snow.

It is beautiful to watch from the inside and makes great photo-ops! BUT... if you are out driving in it, be careful -- don't be in a hurry -- watch those slippery roads, especially around the mountain lakes in the San Juans. You don't want to take a side trip down to the shoreline like this cautious Vallecito driver.

Saturday afternoon the snow had compacted from 13 inches down to 11 inches. NW Okie bundled up and went out to try to make a snowman or two, BUT... Alas, it seems that the powdery snow squashed that idea to bits of snow white powder. Great for skiers, huh?

NOW... this NW Okie is off to look for Santa in SW Colorado and gather some christmas light videos! If you have any Christmas 2008 short videos to share, send them this way (to NW Okie). Thanks!

Have a safe trip over the hills to grandma's house for the holidays and watch those slippery snow-covered by-ways!

Merry Christmas & Happy Winter Solstice! AND Remember... the greatest gift of all is something hand (home) made from the heart!
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(1946) 1st Papoose Bowl, OKC, OK

Yes! It is that time of year when colleges around the USA pair-off in their respective bowls. Have you ever heard of the "Papoose Bowl" of 1946 held in Oklahoma City at Taft Stadium?

1st Papoose Bowl (1946) ... Dec. 6, 1946, Oklahoma City -- According to The Oklahoman, dated Dec. 6, 1946, page 55, article written by Laymond Crump, the junior college grid champions of Oklahoma and Kansas set up headquarters in Oklahoma City on a Thursday, at Taft Stadium, for the 2 p.m. Saturday kickoff of the 1st annual "Papoose Bowl" junior college contest promoted by the "Wigwam Wisemen of America."

You ask, "Who were the "Wigwam Wisemen of America?" AND... "How long did the "Papoose Bowl" last? This "Papoose Bowl" in Oklahoma City is news to this NW Okie.

Anyway... back in 1946, December 6th, Coach Demp Cannon, former Texas Tech gridder brought his 33-man squad of Coffeyville, Kansas, Red Ravens 200 miles by bus in search of the team's thirty-sixth consecutive victory since 1939.

From Lawton, Coach Jess Thompson led his Aggies to Taft Stadium for their first bowl engagement after one loss in 10 conflilcts in the first post-war season.

Cameron Drills First -- The Aggies dressed at their hotel and arrived at Taft Stadium just as the Ravens were taking to the turf. The two squads had the opportunity to size up the other, and the uexpected meeting served to pep up drills by both teams. Cameron took the first workout as the Kansans held a chalk talk, then Coffeyville ran through a vigorous limbering-up session.

War veterans manned the rosters of both teams almost 100 percent, with coaches also freshly back from service in the armed forces.

10,000 fans expected Saturday morning with special trains coming from Coffeyville and Lawton. Mose Simms, official of the sponsoring organization, said that 750 tickets had been sold at Coffeyville and more at Lawton. He anticipated 1,000 fans from Kansas and 2,000 from Lawton.
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2nd Papoose Bowl of 1947

Nov. 23, 1947 -- The Oklahoman, dated Nov. 23, 1947, page 48, headlines read: "Nine Teams Eyed For Papoose Bowl." This was the 2nd Annual Papoose Bowl held in Oklahoma City.

In November, 1947 nine outstanding junior college teams were considered for the visitors' invitation at the second Papoose Bowl game, December 6, 1947. Mose Simms was the originator of the bowl in 1946 and secretary of the Wigwam Wisemen of America which sponsored the event.

Simms said the Cameron Aggies, of Lawton, Oklahoma, host at last year's game, had already declined an invitation. Northeastern A&M, Miami, Oklahoma, and Connors A&M, Warner, Oklahoma were mentioned prominently in a meeting for the host spot.

Simms named the following teams as possible bowl timer: Compton, California; San Antonio of Pomona, California; Tyler, Texas; Worthington, Minn.; Tennessee Wesleyan, Athens, Tenn.; Macon, Ga., Military; Wentworth, Mo. Military; New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, and Chaffey, Calif.

Dec. 3, 1947 -- The Oklahoman, dated Dec. 3, 1947, page 21, headlines read: "Papoose Bowl Aces Selected."

The second annual "Papoose Bowl" of 1947 found these two junior colleges: Wentworth Military Academy (Red Dragons)" and "Northeastern Oklahoma A&M" vying for a win in the 2nd Papoose Bowl, in Oklahoma City.

Both Northeastern A&M of Miami, Okla., and Wentworth Military academy of Lexington, Mo, opponents in the papoose bowl game in Oklahoma City, at 2 p.m., Saturday, have players on the first all-American junior college football team.

Al Bagley, 210-pound tackle for Northeastern from Wewoka, recently named to the all-Oklahoma junior college conference first team, and back Bobby Easter, Wentworth scoring ace, made the all-America selection announced by NEA sports editor.

Wentworth officials announced Tuesday that the entire cadet corps would come here for the postseason game, arriving by train at 8 a.m., Saturday and marching to official headquarters at the Biltmore hotel.

Mose Simms, one of the officials of the sponsoring Wigwam Wisemen of America, announced that at 10 a.m., Saturday a rally and broadcast would emanate from the lobby of the Biltmore with the Wentworth band and corps taking part.

Northeastern headquarters were at the Wells-Roberts hotel, with the team and coaches arriving that Friday in time for a workout. The Wentworth team arrived Thursday night, working out Friday afternoon.

Col. L. B. Wikoff, director of the military academy, informed Simms he would arrive Friday to arrange for a banfquet for Wentworth alumni after the game. Simms said 400 reservations for the affair already were here. He said many alumni had ordered tickets for the contest and Miami officials forecast 1,000 fans from there would come on a special train Saturday morning.

Tickets were sold at Veazey's at $2 and $1.50, students being admitted to the game for $1.
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Waynoka's Railways Ice Plant History On DVD

Sandie says, "Waynoka Ice Plant Operation and the Story of the German POWs Available on DVD

The Railways Ice Company, which was in operation in the Waynoka rail yards from about 1910 till the 1960s, was reported to be the largest ice plant in America. Santa Fe was the main shipper of produce from southern California for many years. The "reefers", or the refrigerated rail cars, were iced in California, Belen, New Mexico, and again at Waynoka on their journey to Chicago.

The ice plant employed many people in its continuous day-and-night operation of making ice and icing the reefers. In the summer, it was customary to hire boys from Waynoka and surrounding towns, and the World War II years increased the demand for high school boys to work. Jim Linder, 1928-2007, was hired under those circumstances, and found himself working with and supervising the German prisoners-of-war who were sent from Alva, and later lived in a compound near the ice plant while working there.

Jim Linder's father was a foreman at the Railways Ice Co. for many years. Jim likely knew as much about the ice plant operation and the era of the German POWs as anyone living when he sat for a video interview on a Sunday afternoon in February, 2007. His vast knowledge, as well as his wit and wisdom, are clearly seen and appreciated in the interview. Less than three months later, in June of 2007, Jim Linder, who had retired from Linder & Associates in Wichita, passed away unexpectedly.

The interview is a classic in its history of two eras: the Railways Ice Company at Waynoka, and the German prisoners.

The Waynoka Historical Society has reproduced the interview on DVD, and it is available at the Museum Gift Shop. Cost is $9.95, plus $.89 tax. For mailing, add $2.50 for one or more. For further information, call 580.824.5871 or email" -- Sandie Olson in Waynoka, OK
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2009 Waynoka Collectors Calendar For Sale

CAPTION: The Santa Fe Reading Room near Broadway Crossing in Waynoka is the subject on the 2009 Collectors Calendar.

"Waynoka 2009 Collectors Calendar For Sale -- The Waynoka Historical Society has been publishing calendars since about 1989, missing only one or two years, and the Society has once again gone to its collection of photographs for a variety of subjects for the 2009 calendar.

The cover features a 1910 color postcard of the Santa Fe Reading Room that was built near Broadway Crossing for a home-away-from-home for the many train crews that worked into Waynoka every day. The two-story building was surrounded by trees, vines, hedges, and flowers. The photos for each month include the State Championship Basketball Team in 1959, coached by Tom Treece, construction of the turntable at the Santa Fe Roundhouse in 1908, a circa 1920 photo of a rock cairn in Cheyenne Valley, Dr. E.P. Clapper and the hospital which bore his name, the senior class of 1918 on a hay ride, a group at the mouth of a bat cave southwest of the Cimarron River, the Waynoka Ice Cream Factory, a visitor from Canada at the TAT Airport northeast of Waynoka in 1929-30, mining for diamonds in 1908 in the rail yard area, Charles H. Hink and his horse-drawn dray making a delivery in downtown Waynoka in 1912, a large downtown rally on Missouri Street in 1912, and a 1902 Congregational Church women's sextet accompanied on the piano by the church's first minister.

Cost of a calendar is $7.95 plus $.70 tax. For mail orders, add $1.50. Add $.50 for each additional calendar mailed to a single address. Send orders to Museum Gift Store, PO Box 193, Waynoka OK 73860. They can also be purchased at the Gift Shop at the Harvey House or the Woods County Enterprise." -- Sandie Olson - Email:
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101 Ranch Bottle

Charles says, "This is a photo of a stoneware bottle sold recently on Ebay for $100. The 101 ranch became famous for its Wild West show. It was located near Ponca City, OK. As some of you know I am a long time collector of antique bottles, mostly excavated from old wells, and former outhouse sites. After doing this for 40 years, the old back won?t allow it much any more, so most of my digging is on Ebay. The bottle shown was used most often for beer and mineral waters. Collectors commonly call them Ginger Beers.

Follow this link - 101 Ranch - to more information about the 101 Ranch, Wild West Show, and the founding Miller Brothers.

Also included is a shot of a shelf in my bottle room showing a selection of food bottles and mocha ware type bowls. Of particular interest are the cathedral pickle bottles; so called because the panels resemble cathedral church windows. The items in this photo date from 1he 1840?s to the 1890?s. All of this was excavated from former outhouse sites." -- Charles M. Cook in Louisiana Bayou Country
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Cold in Southern Oklahoma

"Hope you are staying warm up there near those mountains. It has dropped 40 degrees in 24 hrs. Its down to 28 now (Dec. 15, 2008), and still dropping this afternoon." -- A Southern Okie Friend
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Calling ALL AHS (Gold) Bugs

"Please provide your comments of what functions would benefit the Goldbug Alumni and their supporters." -- Mike Wags - The Pub & Goldbug Review

[Editor's Note: If you signed on before the transformation, you may want to redo the "logon" & "subscription." Michael has been busy giving "The Pub & Goldbug Review" a NEW Facelift!]
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Winter Solstice 2008

Wikipedia says, "The winter solstice occurs at the instant when the Sun's position in the sky is at its greatest angular distance on the other side of the equatorial plane from the observers' hemisphere. Depending on the shift of the calendar, the event of the winter solstice occurs some time between December 20 and December 23 each year in the northern hemisphere, and between June 20 and June 23 in the southern hemisphere, during either the shortest day or the longest night of the year, which is not to be confused with the darkest day or night or the day with the earliest sunset or latest sunrise."
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Amazing Perth Christmas Lights 2008

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas To ALL!
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Stand By Me!

"Now if a person doesn't move and sing to this, they never will! This is a GREAT song (especially in this economic time) and wonderful message, too. It is wonderful to see these musicians from all over the world collaborating on the song ... just by listening to the first singer/player and "joining in". Enjoy and have a wonderful smile! Click on Stand By Me - YouTube

This video first played on the Bill Moyer's Journal. Bill has a friend that is a musician and producer of music, he was in Santa Monica when he saw the first guy playing on the street, he noted that everyone around, slowed down, quit frowning, and stood around enjoying the music and words. The producer thought, what if I went around the world and had musicians listen to the original and join in, then he would cut out the original and record the locals and came up with this final product, Bill thinks it is a piece of art. It is really well done, Moyers reshowed it two weeks ago or so." -- Karel
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Peace In The Valley - Elvis Presley

Any Elvis fans out there? Found this song video on YouTube and thought you might like a peek. Love the song! Loved the way Elvis sang it!
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2nd Papoose Bowl (1947)

The 2nd Papoose Bowl game was between Northeastern A&M of Miami, Oklahoma & Wentworth Military Academy of Kansas. The Oklahoman, dated Nov. 29, 1947, page 26, headlines read: "Papoose Bowl Elevens Win" ... "Both teams scheduled to appear in Oklahoma City's Papoose bowl game December 6 rolled to easy victories Thursday in their final warmups as Northeastern Oklahoma A&M of Miami, Oklahoma, pounded Joplin, Missouri, junior college, 40-0, at Miami, and Wentworth Military Academy trounced Kemper, 47-0, at Lexington, Missouri.

"Northeastern scored in every period, racing to its eighth triumph in 11 starts. End Buck Victor caught touchdown passes from Bill Watkins and Frank Mobra to lead the scoring, and the tough Norsemen defense never allowed the Joplin attack to carry past the 20-yard line.

"Wentworth, playing before a homecoming crowd, won its traditional 'Little Army-Navy' game from Kemper Military academy, a game that has become an annual Thanksgiving day classic for the two schools.

"Halfback Booby Price sparked the Red Dragons' assault with three tallies, while Wesley Hultquist scored twice and fullback Bobby Gadt and end Verlyn Roskam chipped in one each.

"If comparative scores are any indication, the Papoose Bowl should have two evenly matched teams for its second annual game. Last week, Wentworth defeated Joplin, 47-7, for the same 40-point advantage piled up by Northeastern Thursday. -- NW Okie
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50s Christmas Songs & Tracking Santa

Here are some choices for some of the old Christmas songs - Heavens Gates - A %0s Christmas Enjoy! AND... don't forget NORAD Tracks Santa. -- Homer
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Vallecito Christmas Lights 2008

Here is a video of the Christmas lights taken up at Vallecito Lake, in the San Juans of Southwest Colorado, December 21, 2008. Enjoy!

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