IOOF Cemetery

Section 35-Township 25N-Range 12W
Carmen, Oklahoma, Alfalfa County

IOOF Cemetery GateThis cemetery was established near the IOOF Orphans home at Carmen, Oklahoma. The Masonic Lodge was concerned about children of their members who might be left without care in case they were orphaned. Thus there was a need for a cemetery nearby in instances of deaths and also for relatives of the children. To go to this cemetery, leave from the corner of the Carmen school go one and one half miles north. Blanche Belknap helped with this cemetery.

  1. J Lively - 1902-1913
  2. GrayDon Cain - 1907-1913
  3. Chloe Stephenson (Stevenson) - 1899-1916
  4. Maggie Tally - 1899-1914
  5. Linial C. Prather - 1910-1926
  6. Jimmie A. Muir - 1924-1927
  7. Gideon A. Wilkerson, Dad - Apr. 24, 1872-May 24, 1952
  8. William A. Lemmon - 1870-1952
  9. Jennie L. Dunlap - 1850-1916
  10. P. D. Phifer - 1848-1916
  11. W. H. Kelso - 1854-1915
  12. T. A. Cole - 1830-1914

There is an old well pump located about halfway in the center circle between the west gate and the curved drive.

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  • Edmund Roy Stevenson Record - Dec. 25, 1907, discharged and went to Oakwood where he found work, June 3, 1910. Edmund Stevenson, b. Washita Co. Okla., July 21, 1895
  • Photos of the Carmen Home - Originals are property of Clyde Stevenson - E-mail: - His dad (Edmund Stevenson) was at IOOF home in Carmen (date of admission Dec 25 1907). He had three sisters and one brother in Carmen. Chole Stephenson is buried at the cemetery is Clyde's aunt (Chole Nellie Stevenson). I also have pictures of this Home in a booklet that they made.