Old Time Tidbits

The Alva Record, Friday, September 21, 1923

Liberty No. 9 -- My, oh my, what rainy days. Seems like olden times. Mrs. Millege is reported well as usual. Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan from Wellington, Kansas, who formerly lived in District 9 were in this vicinity visiting friends the past week. School, at District 9, begins September 16, with Earl Webb as teacher. A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest James the first of the week. Mrs. Florence Percival visited grandma Reames, Tuesday. Erma Matthews spent Wednesday with Mrs. Stanley Matthews. Mr. Ross and wife called on Willie Ross, Thursday. Mr. Jesse Corbin and wife, are the proud parents of a baby girl, born Thursday. Mrs. Irene Venosdel called on Mrs. Ernest James, Wednesday. Roy Pflider (sic) worked for Ike Venosdel the past week. Mrs. Layton is visiting Mrs. Corbin at present. Harve Nusbaum and John Maurer from Glen Elder, Kansas, visited August Pfleider and family the past week. Herbert and Horace Wilson spent Sunday with Clifford Millege.

Capron --

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Shelite and family spent Sunday with Mr. Shelite's brother, west of Alva. The Sunday School Convention to be held at Liberty, will be held Sept. 23, instead of the 16th, on account of the celebration of the Strip at Alva. So come the 23rd prepared to spend the day and enjoy the convention. Bring sandwiches, pickles and pies. Mr. Rice of Hudson, Kansas, came Monday to get his wife, who had been called to the bedside of her father, Mr. McArthur. Mr. McArthur's friends will be glad to know that he is doing nicely and hope he will soon be up and around again. Mrs. Bessie Sippy returned Monday from Viola, Kansas, where she has been visiting her sister the past ten days. Mr. Irwin and son, Tom, Alton Wilcox and Floyd Dapron, left Monday for Colorado, to work. Mrs. Dapron and children are at Burlington with her parents, while Floyd is away. The following taken from the Medford Patriot-Star will be of interest to the many friends of Miss Hubbard, who lived until recently with her parents at Capron:

Mr. Carl H. Carlosh of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Miss Gladys Hubbard of Wakita were married by Rev. Hutson, pastor of the Baptist church, Friday. Miss Hubbard is the daughter of C. W. Hubbard, editor of the Wakita Herald, and is a talented young lady. She completed her studies at Lindsborg College last spring and will teach in the schools at Wakita this year.

Notice of Sheriff's Sale Mortgage Foreclosure

Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an Order of Sale issued out of the District Court of Woods County, State of Oklahoma, on the 5th day of September, 1923, in an action wherein Glen H. Russell, was plaintiff and Guy W. Moreland and Ethel M. Moreland, husband and wife, Eugene Smith, Cynthia Smith, C. W. Leeper, who is also sometimes known as Charles W. Leeper, the Protection State Bank, a corporation, C. A. Griffith and Harry Hodgson, Receiver, were defendants, directed to me, the undersigned sheriff of Woods Co., Oklahoma, commanding me to advertise and sell without appraisement the following described property, lying and situated in Woods County, State of Oklahoma, to-wit: The North-half of the Southwest Quarter (N/2 SW/4) of Section Nineteen (19) in Township Twenty-eight (28) North, Range Nineteen (19) West, containing seventy-nine and sixty hundreths acres; and also Lot Two (2) , and the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SE/4 NW/4) of Section Nineteen (19), all in Township Twenty-eight (28) North, Range Nineteen (19), West of the Indian Meridian, Oklahoma; to satisfy the judgment and decree of foreclosure in favor of said plaintiff and against said defendants above named, obtained and made in said court on the 30th day of January, 1923, for the sum of $800.00, with interest thereon at the rate of six per cent per annum from the 18th day of January, 1920, until paid; and for $218.62 taxes paid on said land by the rate of six percent per annum from the 31st day of January, 1923, until paid; and for $100.00 attorney's fees; and for $40.95 the costs of said action and the accruing costs of said sale and this cause; I will on the 13th day of October 1923, at the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at the west front door of the Court House in the City of Alva, in said Woods Country, Oklahoma, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, said property above described or so much thereof as will satisfy said judgments with interest and costs. Witness my hand this 5th day of September, 1923., Hugh Martin, Sheriff of Woods County, Oklahoma, By D. G. Miller, Undersheriff. Gus Hadwiger, Attorney. First published in The Alva Record, Sept. 7, 1923.

Notice To Creditors

In the matter of the estate of John W. Smoot, deceased. All persons having claims against John W. Smoot, deceased, are required to present the same, with the necessary vouchers, to the undersigned, Adminstratrix of said estate, at her residence Eight (8) miles north of Waynoka, Okla. in the county of Woods, State of Oklahoma, within four months of the date hereof, or the same will be forever barred. Dated the 15th day of September, 1923. Jennie M. Smoot, Administratrix C. H. Mauntel, Attorney for Pet. First published in The Alva Record, September 21, 1923.

District No. 41 --

Well, I suppose everyone saw the eclipse of the sun Monday. Some are still discing their wheat ground.
Vern Oglveie sold his car to Elvin Hoskins. Robert Howe has gone to Wilmore, Kansas, to stay with his grandparents. Charlie Batson and Albert Dixon made a short trip west last week. There were six cars of cattle and one car of hogs chipped out of Edith last Saturday, pretty well for a little place like Edith. We understand Vern Oglevie and Vern Wheeler, have gone west, to the Pacfic Coast. Mr. Parker went to Wichita with his cattle Saturday. Nellie Howe has gone to Alva to attend school. Irene Beagley and brothers, Lee, Glen and Otto of Attica, Kansas, came down for a visit with relatives and friends last week. Al Davidson went to Kansas City, Saturday, with cattle. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Snow went to Alva Saturday.

Alva Tidbits --

A. W. Kavanaugh returned the latter part of last week from Kansas City where he had been to attend the Hardware Dealers Convention. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Lamont entertained Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Miller, of Russell, Kansas, the latter part of last week. Miss Audrey DeGeer, who is teaching in the Gage High School, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. I. DeGeer in this City.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Moreland, of Tonkawa, were Alva visitors several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings Boatman, of Kiowa, Kansas, visited relatives and friends several days last week. Mrs. Ethylin Crosser left the latter part of last week for Douglas, Oklahoma, where she will teach in the schools this Winter.

Notice to School District Officers

We can supply you with the steel book cases as required by law for the storage of the free text books. Our prices range from $23.50 to $49.50 and we guarantee that we can save you money. Bradbury Book Co.

Guide For Newspaper Men

An insight into our late (newspaper) president's character will be gained by reading his instructions to reporters and writers on the Marion "Star." They are as follows: Remember there are two sides to every question. Get them both. Be truthful. Get the facts. Mistakes are inevitable, but strive for accuracy. I would rather have one story exactly right than a hundred half wrong. Be decent, be fair, be generous. Boost -- don't knock. There's good in everybody. Bring out the good and never needlessly hurt the feeling of anybody. In reporting a political gathering give the facts, tell the story as it is, not as you would like to have it. Treat all parties alike. If there is any politics to be played, we will play it in our editorial columns. Treat all religious matters reverently. If it can possibly be avoided, never bring ignominy to an innocent man or child in telling of the misdeeds or misfortunes of a relative. Don't wait to be asked, but do it without the asking, and above all be clean and never let a dirty word or suggestive story get into type. I want this paper so conducted that it can go into any home without destroying the innocence of any child.

Summons by Publication

The State of Oklahoma to Ed McRae - Greeting: You are hereby notified that you have been sued in the District Court of Woods County, Oklahoma, by Maggie England, and that you must answer or otherwise plead in said action on or before the 30th day of October, 1923, or the petition of plaintiff filed in said cause will be taken as true and confessed and you will be forever barred from claiming any right, title or interest in and to the South Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 17, and West Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 20, all in Township 26 North, Range 15 W. I. M., in Woods County, and quieting plaintiff's title to said premises, and judgment will be rendered against you as prayed for in said petition. Emma Ringer, Court Clerk, W. L. Houts, Atty. for Plaintiff. First published in The Alva Record Sept. 14, 1923.

Jolt For The Old Folks

Two perfectly good 19th century Presbyterian grandparents visited a married daughter, an additional attraction being a cherubic grandson, age 4, Johnny isn't his name but will do. When Johnny came home from Sunday school, the first Sunday after the old folks got there they wanted to know what he had learned that morning. "Oh, nothing much. Just that Jesus loves you and stuff like that." The old folks haven't gotten over it yet.