1920 Pow-Wow - Alva High School

Student Ego Predictions

We thought you might enjoy reading some things written back in the 1920 Pow-Wow Yearbook about some of the students at Alva High School... It lists the student's by name, nickname, ambition, occupation, likes, dislikes, characteristics, wants and where they could be found. We hope this helps someone looking for a sense of what their NW Oklahoma ancestor's might have been like, where they were back in 1920.

Greta Wilkinson was known as "Trick". Her ambition in life was being anything besides a housewife. Her Occupation was feature painting. Her likes were to be loved. Her dislikes were common people. One of her characteristics was trying to be good looking. Back then she wanted to capture a fool. As to where she could be found most often was with other girls because…

Percy Robinson was known as "Perk". His ambition was to be a football player. His occupation was laughing. His likes were liking nearly everybody. His dislikes were Hamlet. One of his outstanding characteristics was his enthusiasm. He wanted Peace and could be found talking to girls.

Hazel Rackley was known as "Hay". Her ambition in life was being a Prima donna. Her occupation back then was driving. One of her likes was someone by the name of Donald. Her dislikes were books. One of her characteristics was frivolity. One of her wants was considered to be a certain boy. She could be found most of the time In a speedster.

Amos Shaefer was known as "Shaf". His ambition in life was to put something over. His occupation was bluffing. His likes was a girl named Lois. His dislikes was prayer meeting. One of his characteristics was being thrift. His main wants was having notes. He could be found anywhere.

Halbert McClain was known as "Hal". His ambition was to get the Annual out. His occupation was managing. His likes was girls. His dislike was entertaining. His main characteristic was Talking. His main want was a a girl and he could be found everywhere.

Fred Green was known as "Fritz". His ambition as being Big. His occupation was cutting capers. His likes was to sleep. His dislikes was alarm clocks. His main characteristic was brainlessness. he just wanted to talk and could be found in English most of the time.

Everett Weinrich was known as "Jerry". His ambition was being a musician. His occupation was making good grades. His likes was to be bothered. His dislikes was Physics. His characteristic was smiling. He just wanted fame and could be found most of the time in the halls.

Lytle Gaskill was known as "Gassie". His ambition was to have a girl. His occupation was looking for someone. His likes were a certain girl named Mildred. His dislikes was to be kidded. His characteristic was pep. He just wanted to drive and could be found in the country.

George Crowell was known as "Chicken". His ambition was to ditich class. His occupation was sitting down. His likes were to rest. His dislike was work. His characteristic was laziness. He wanted less school and could be found a sleep.

Earnest Roberson - "Earnie". His main ambition was to be a track man. His occupation was silence. He liked athletics. He disliked English. His main characteristic was speed. he just wanted to have his lessons and could be found working.

Ralph Surface was known as "Surf". His ambition was to be an all-State man. His occupation was playing football. He liked running. He disliked girls. His main characteristic was his modesty. He just wanted to pass and he could be found on the gridiron.

Floyd Ames was known as "Doc". His ambitions were slim. His occupation was a wedding.He liked small people. he disliked to fall down. his characteristic was jabbering. he just wanted less fat and could be found with Inez.

Earl Heaton was known as "Sap". His ambition was to play basketball. his occupation was singing. His likes were Glee Club. His dislikes were class. His main characteristic was being funny. He just wanted a voice and could be found in the office./p>

Mabel Albright was known as Maybelle". Her ambition wasto be married. Her occupation was car riding. Her likes was school. Her dislike was a few. Her characteristic was being nice. She just wanted company and could be found at home.

Joe Bell was known as "Daddy Longlegs". His ambition was being Important. His occupation was running errands. He liked to air his knowledge. He disliked teachers. His characteristic was using his mouth. He just wanted to look cute and could be found in bed.

Ralph Hellman was known as "Hellie". His ambition was to be a farmer. His occupation was eating. He liked them all. He disliked Civics. His characteristic was his foolishness. He just wanted less Work and could be found on the streets.

Florence Kranz was known as "Jap". She considered her ambition to be a dancer. Her occupation was hunting a man. She liked to be kissed. She disliked chaperones. her main characteristic was her quietness. She just wanted to be 30 years old and could be found walking.

Byrnie Kern was known as "Sir Sid". His ambition was to be a philosopher. His occupation was strutting. His likes were after school hours. His dislikes were noise. His characteristic was his solemnity. he just wanted school to end and no one knew where he could be found.

Lionel Long was known as "Longie". His ambition was a non-worker. His occupation was going with girls. His likes were being a graduate. his dislike was Conferences. His characterisitic was known as ditching school. he just wanted more dancing and could be found in a conference.

Meade McClure was known as "Nuts". His ambition was being a grocery man. His occupation was working. He liked all the girls. he disliked going to class. His characteristic was talking about work. He just wanted to laugh and could most likely be found in a store.

Art Robinson was known as "Art". His ambition was to ditch without being caught. His occupation was having dates. HE liked to have a good time. He disliked punctured tires. His characteristic was his deviltry. He just wanted two or three girls and could be found anywhere but studying.

Brette Tanner was known as "Sister". His ambition was to be liked. His occupation was looking dignified. He liked the faculty. He disliked everyone. His characteristic was his brightness. he just wanted to be petted and could be found most likely with Miss Earnest.
Grace Wheelock was known as "Red". Her ambition was being an old maid. Her occupation was giggling. She liked young men. She disliked walking. Her outstanding characteristic was her loyalty. She just wanted more cars and would never tell where she could be found.

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