Sophomore Class History

Summary of Sophomores...
Chester Launder
Mae Sutton
Weineva Fanning
George Smithson
Gladys Brown
Paul Holder
Gladys Rice
Gladys Channel
Kenneth Crisp
Rugh Gibler
Verna Lee
Donald Salyer
Doss Smith
Lionel Johnson
Albert Lilly
Anna Riley
Inez Quinn
Sibyl Rose
Marvon Burkett
Reva Lilly
Monford Mills
Merele Lewellan
Edna Sporn
Tarlton Lawson
Gladys Riley
Hael Ditman
John Skeen
Kenneth Moyer
Jack Grove
Fancis Barry
Alice Wells
Gerald Brown
Ruth Fogle
June Matzensbocher
Fred Magruder
Nomia Smith
George Fields
Helen Veach
Mary Huff
Claude Wright
Reba Emberson
Matie Wyckoff
Albert Hyatt
Gladys Roberson
Paul Vetter
Junious Stone
Sophis Goeringer
Nellie Hardie
Dot Keller
Irene Wells
Benny Rudy
Philip Noah
Pearl Hadwiger
Rollie McDaniels
Louis Huff
Thelma Branson
Josephine Enlow
Dorothy Holder
Velma Crosser
Ruie Sense
Mary Randall
Lela McReynolds
Effie Bagonstos
Jessie Runkle

On September 8th, we, the Sophomores of '20, once more turned our steps toward our dear old High School. This is a very able and Studious class, yet full of fun and pep, always winning and leading i all the affairs of the school.

Our short, yet eventful, career began as a green Freshman class careers do begin. We were greatly handicapped by numerous "flu vacations," but we have made rapid progress and are considered one of the most lively classes in school.

Our class numbers about seventy members, about seventy with the following officers: President, Chester Landers; Vice-President, Gladys Rice; Secretary-Treasurer, Phillip Noah; Yell Leader, Wineva Fanning, and Kenneth Moyer. Our hearty and protecting sponsors are Miss Emery, Miss Brown and Mr. Brooks, who have seen us through many difficulties and led us on to victory.

Our class football team was one of which any class would be proud. In the class football tournament, the boys won the championship, having defeated every class in school.

In all the different functions of the school the Sophomores take a leading part. Our debating club is one of the most talented and progressive clubs of the school. The Sophomores are well represented in the quartettes, Glee Clubs, Orchestra and Athletics. - signed - H. V.

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